North Korea Threatens of Preemptive Nuclear Strike against US, All agreements of Non Aggression Cancelled with South ,“ Ready for all Out War ”

North Korea Ready of Nuclear War with USJNN 8 Mar 2013 Pyongyang : North Korea has vowed to launch a ‘preemptive’ nuclear strike against the US to defend itself in the event that Washington ignites a nuclear has also Cancelled all agreements on non-aggression reached between the North and the South. And Pyongyang says they are ready for an “all-out war”

“Since the United States is about to ignite a nuclear war, we will be exercising our right to preemptive nuclear attack against the headquarters of the aggressor in order to protect our supreme interest,” said a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman in a statement on Thursday.

The statement was carried by the official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

The spokesman also warned that a second Korean war would be “unavoidable,” if Washington and Seoul refuse Pyongyang’s calls to cancel their large-scale joint military drills scheduled to kick off next week.

On March 1, South Korea and the US will start their annual military exercises, dubbed Key Resolve, which will continue until the end of April. It will involve 10,000 South Korean and 3,500 US forces.

Pyongyang’s statement comes ahead of a vote by the United Nations Security Council on whether to impose a fourth round of sanctions against North Korea over the nuclear test it carried out on February 12.

North Korea’s third underground nuclear test drew immediate condemnation from the UN and several countries including the US, South Korea, Russia and Japan.

Pyongyang also carried out two nuclear tests on October 9, 2006 and May 25, 2009.

The UNSC is set to vote on the resolution proposed by the US and China at 1500 GMT later in the day.

The country is already under tough UN sanctions over its rocket launch in 2012.

North Korea has canceled all agreements on non-aggression with South Korea and cut the hotline between Pyongyang and Seoul, following the UN approval of a new series of sanctions against the country.

The state-run Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of Korea (CPRK) said in a statement on Friday that North Korea “abrogates all agreements on non-aggression reached between the North and the South.”

Seoul and Pyongyang signed a non-aggression pact in 1991 to support the peaceful settlement of disputes and prevent accidental military clashes.

The CPRK stated that the pact would be canceled as of Monday, when North Korea also planned to scrap the 1953 armistice agreement that put an end to the three-year-long Korean War.

North Korea also “notifies the South side that it will immediately cut off the North-South hotline,” the committee said.

The communications channel was installed in the Demilitarized Zone in 1971.

On Thursday, the United Nations Security Council unanimously passed a resolution, drafted by the United States and China, against North Korea, tightening Pyongyang’s financial dealings and adding new names to the UN sanctions blacklist.

The CPRK condemned the new round of sanctions and said it was evidence that the United States and its “puppets” in the South were “hell-bent” on confrontation.
“North-South relations have gone so far beyond the danger line that they are no longer reparable and an extremely dangerous situation is prevailing on the Korean Peninsula where a nuclear war may break out right now,” the CPRK said.

North Korea has ordered the military to respond “mercilessly” to “even an inch” of intrusion into its territory.
North Korean leader Kim Jong-un says Pyongyang is ready for an “all-out war” amid recent developments that followed its third nuclear test.

Kim toured two islands near the disputed maritime border with South Korea on Thursday and visited military units on the frontline that shelled South Korea in 2010.

The North Korean leader said the country was “fully ready to fight a Korean style all-out war,” North Korea’s KCNA news agency said on Friday.

While addressing the troops stationed on the islands, Kim said he would order a “great advance” along the entire frontline even if the slightest provocation occurred.

Kim visited artillery units on Mu Island that shelled the South Korean island of Yeonpyeong in 2010. Four people were killed following the shelling and an exchange of fire was generated between the two sides.

The North Korean leader “solemnly declared that if the enemy dares recklessly preempt firing and even a single shell drops” on North Korean territory, the army “should lead the battle to a sacred war for national reunification, not confining it to a local war on the southwest region,” the KCNA stated.

Meanwhile, state television showed Kim looking at the South Korean island with binoculars, while being accompanied by senior members of the country’s leadership.

“He reconfirmed in detail reinforced fire power strike means and targets of the enemy deployed on five islets,” and “defined the order of precision strikes” on the targets, the KCNA reported.

Kim’s tour to the islands coincided with a meeting of the UN Security Council, where a new series of sanctions was approved against North Korea for its latest nuclear test. The sanctions targeted North Korea’s economy and leadership. The country has carried out three nuclear tests since 2006.

North Korea also said a second Korean war would be “unavoidable” if the US and South Korea refused Pyongyang’s calls to cancel their large-scale joint military exercise scheduled to kick off next week.


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