Israeli University conducts a Conference on Shia – Sunni Division in the Muslim World

Israel's Conference on Sunni Shia

JNN 12 Mar 2013 Jerusalem : An Israeli university has held conference on Sunni-Shia division in the Muslim world. 

The conference, dubbed Sunni-Shia Division, was held at Dan David Building in Tel Aviv University campus on Sunday.

Tel Aviv University is among a number of other Israeli universities that have sponsored such events before.

Such conferences seek to pit Salafists ( Wahabis ) in countries such as Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Jordan against Shia Muslims in several other countries in the Middle East and other parts of the world.

Speaking on the issue, James Jennings, the president of Conscience International, told Press , “When you think about the strategy that Israel has used over time, [it is] to divide and rule,” Jennings said.

“There is nothing intrinsically wrong with studying such things as long as one does it sincerely and if you bring people in, who represent that point of view, but I’m afraid this is not that.”

The conspiracies have been hatched to divide the Muslims into smaller and weaker groups , since the Martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and to fan the Petty differences between them , as to weaken the Muslim World , by fanning sectarianism , and the Zionist Lobby is working , day in and day out to search for the petty matters among the Different Sects of Islam , and to create disharmony and dis Integration among the Muslims of the World , by their infested Munafiqeen in the Muslim World.

But as Sunni and Shia are the Biggest Sects and the Most Prominent Sects in Islam with , So the Zionist Lobby is always busy finding new ways , and the issues which can be fanned to create disharmony among these two Major sects in the Muslim World.

And this is a Very sensitive Issue on which the Whole of the Muslim World should give a serious thought , as the enemies of Islam , the Zionist and the Non Muslim World which is doing research on the differences between the different sects of Islam , so they can benefit from it , by compiling a detailed report to give it to their sponsored People ( as in this case Wahabi Groups ) who can use that Material to fan sectarianism , and create Disharmony and Dis Integration among the Muslim World.

While on the Brighter side of this issue it should be taken as a Lesson from the Enemies of Islam , and The Muslims around the World , and the Organisations like OIC , and other such Muslims Organisations should check their record and start doing conferences and seminars on the disputed and conflicting issues among the different Sects of Islam , so the Muslim Scholars and Intellectuals can work out to resolve the Mis understandings and points of difference among the Different Sects of Muslims , which can be a useful forum to create Harmony and Integration among the Muslims of the World.



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