Irani President and Nation Offers their Condolences and Condemns the Shia Target Killing Masacare in Pakistan

Irani President Mehmoodi Ahmedinejad & ParliamentJNN 14 Mar 2013 Tehran : The Iranian president expressed his condolences for the Shia killings, and called on the Pakistani authorities to find those responsible for the attacks. Iranian lawmakers have condemned the ongoing killings of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, holding the enemies of Islam responsible for the violence against Pakistani Shias.

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has censured the killings of Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

Ahmadinejad made the remarks in a statement published on the Iranian president’s official website on Sunday.

Ahmadinejad said those behind the killings “have no goals except to create a gap among Islamic sects.”

Earlier in the day, a total of 234 members of Majlis (the Iranian Parliament) released a statement, censuring the targeted killing of Pakistani Shias.

“The repeated brutal slaying of innocent Pakistani Shias is undoubtedly a plot hatched by the enemies of Islam — particularly the US, Britain and their regional accomplices…,”– and undertaken by pseudo-Muslim Takfiri mercenaries,” the statement read.

Militants have been waging a violent campaign against Shia Muslims in Pakistan for several years.

Earlier the in the majority Shia area of Parachaner , Kurram Tribal Agency, which is located in the Federally Administered Tribal Areas, have been facing a humanitarian crisis since November 2007 till 2011 , when extremist groups cut off the area from the rest of the country , which has been now restored after the Operation Clean up by the Pakistani Armed Forces, as after the successful Operation by the Armed forces , who forced the Leader of the Terrorist Group , Mullah Toofan to fled the area, after which there is quite a calm . And No big case of Terrorism has been reported , since then.

Report say thousands of Shia Muslims have been killed in Quetta , Karachi , and earlier in Kurram Agency,  since the  Zia Ul Haq era , who was the Person which sponsored and trained the so called Jihadi Terrorist , and started the Sectarianism under the patronage of Saudi Arabia.

Shia religious gatherings Majority residential and Commercial areas and have also been targeted in various areas of Pakistan over the past few months.

“Muslim public opinion, especially [that of] the Iranian nation, naturally expects the Pakistani government, parliament and intelligence agencies to counter such anti-human plots targeting Pakistan’s national security.”

The statement added that the silence of international organizations who claims to be the Defenders of Human Rights and the Western states claiming to be the advocate of the Justice, Peace and equality , and human rights shows have not done any Lips service even , rather that rights issues have become a political tool in the hands of major powers, such as the US.

On Saturday, Iranian clerics and seminary students strongly condemned the silence of the international community on the massacre of Shia Muslims in terrorist attacks in Pakistan.

All seminaries in Tehran and Qom were closed for one day in protest, with teachers and students taking to the streets to show their outrage.

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