KESC in Partnership with the So Called Free Media Terrorizing Innocent People to Multiply their Profit

KESC Killing Karachi PeopleJNN 14 Mar 2013 Karachi : The KESC Subscribers who pay 100% Bill and abide by the rules , are further been Penalized &  terrorized by Disconnections , on the Next Day of the Due Date of their Monthly bill if by any chance they Miss or fail to pay their Bills , while The Most Criminal Areas are Lit all day and night , with out disconnection and Payment.

The KESC has divided Karachi in about 5 Zones , as per their Area Sensitivity and Payment Recovery , and Now the Areas with 100% Recovery comes in “A” Area, the Area with 80% Recovery in “B” Area, 65% Recovery areas in “C” Area and so on .

It is a common Practice World over that there are NGO , which work and safe guard the Cosumer Rights , as it is because of these consumers that these Power , telecom and other organizations grow and Make  Profits but not at the cost of their Customer or Subscriber , but here in Pakistan the Rules are different , as even the Rules are made in favour of Such Master companies , and they feel they are Providing help to their much needy subscribers , by Providing their services , for which they are charging above the Normal , and fleecing their Subscribers.

NEPRA which is regulatory body for the Power Generation and Distribution company , has even made laws like that if any mistake is done on the part of the consumer , then it is cognizable offence , while if the Power Company like KESC commits mistakes or even Harasses its consumers in any shape , then the consumer can not take any help from the Law Enforcement agencies or even can not go to the courts for Justify , for such laws Nobody have even though of taking any Suo Moto , but the lower Courts are not authorized to entertain any complaint against these Master Companies.

In Karachi There have been very sensitive areas and Kachi abadis which absolute pay no KESC  charges and enjoy all the facilities of their Air conditioned Rooms in Hot summer and Heated Rooms in Warm Winter Nights, which are den of criminal activities , but KESC Does not disconnect their Electricity connections , which seems that KESC is also part of terrorism in Karachi , by sponsoring such Criminal Elements on one side , and Penalizing the Law abiding innocent , who are even Good pay Masters .

Secondly the Influential People living in the Posh localities are also Big Defaulters of KESC , but they are also Pardoned  , as they belong to the Bureaucratic , Political , or the Power Brokers Class , so they also enjoy uninterrupted Power Supply , as even in some case there Electric supply lines are being exclusively laid for their Homes and offices.

Lastly but not the least the Government Organizations Like KWSB, Sind Police , Railway, and Numerous other Organizations are even Big Defaulters , but they are never on Disconnection , Rather even having Millions of Rupees in arrears , but they also enjoy Uninterrupted Power supply.

Rather all the load of Payment of these Non paying areas and subscriber , from which KESC is not recovering their charges and Promoting them , is also put on these Law abiding Innocent Subscribers who as per the KESC records are Good Pay Masters and pay 100% on time . So it is a double edged Sword Killing the Innocent Resident of Karachi , first by paying the Double the amount in shape of their inflated Bills , which even they pay and secondly by harassment created by the KESC staff because of Disconnections and Irregular Voltage supply , due to which these subscribers are losing their valuables , and they can not even dare to ask for any of the compensation from the Master’s company KESC.

It looks that with such Foreign Companies Investment for the Public of Pakistan , and especially the Karachites are being Made Slaves to work , work and work for these Masters , as it doesn’t look that KESC is the Utility company , inclined for the service of this Nation , and there is no concept of a Subscriber of the KESC , while the perception is that the East India Company Master are once again in Power and are busy in looting and Promoting terrorism in Pakistan and  we all are there Slaves , from whom what ever they want , when ever they want they have the right to recover with out fail , other wise they are allowed to penalize , With Pre judice .

As with the event of forced Termination of 6000 employes of KESC , and their victory on their stand , now every KESC employee quotes it that now you should be afraid that their Organisation is so much Powerful that they can do what ever they want , and No body can dare to act against them , whether it may be the Court which re instated all these employees , which KESC declined to honour , or any Political Party or Group , which tried to negotiate on behalf of the poor employees , but left them after their Politcal motives are fulfilled , and assurances are given to them that they will be compensated for their support.

And Last but not the least the so called  Main Stream Free Media , which is a mere bundle of lies , and Paid Advertisement campaign of fame to some and defaming others on the Payment of their opponents , is also doing the same, as in this case as Major actors of Media are on the Pay Roll of KESC, which dare not say any thing against their will and orders. Rather under the table Provide Video and Documentary Records to the Upper Managements of the People who are trying to Unite with the Protesters and People trying to stand against the Injusitices.

While the So called Social Media is still in its Infancy to take the full load of Civic Problems and Players like such Organized and Well Connected Groups.

And Now one thing more should be noted that with all these leverages to the Non Revenue Generating Individuals and Organisations , Just these Disconnections of the Law abiding Citizens are Paying so much that the Profit Graph of KESC , is ever rising and which clearly shows that how much load is Burdened on these Good Pay Masters Subscribers of KESC , that they are not Paying for themselves , but are even Paying for the Non Paying Areas , Individuals and Organisations , so the INJUST Rule of such Organisations is that make them terrorize so much that they dare not utter a word , and they can squeeze them until the Last drop of Blood in their Body.

Any way we as we follow the Principle that we have to stand against the Injustice , and if we have the Power to stop it , then stop it by force , and if we don’t have the Power to stop it by force , then atleast write against it and tell the whole Nation , about it and let the people stand in its way , so we have tried to do our duty and have written the facts , to let the People of this Nation and especially the Karachi city , as what is Happening , as if they are facing the brutalities of such Organisations , then they are not alone Hundred , rather thousands are waiting to stand with you on the same issue to give relief to the Under privileged Class , which have no way , but is facing such discrimination and Penalties.


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