Shia Target Killing Graph slows down as 5 Shia Men Martyred by SSP & TTP in Last 10 Days

Shaheed Ejaz Hussain so Hidayat Hussain , 12 Mar , 2013 , KHIJNN 16 Mar 2013 Karachi : The Shia Target Killing still continues especially in Karachi as On 14th Mar A Handicapped Shia Young Man Arshad Ali s/o Shahid Ali , 35 was targeted & Martyred in Landhi , Near Babur Market Area by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in the limits of Landhi , Karachi.

His body was shifted to the Imambargah Abul Fazal Abbas , Landhi #3, for Funeral . And burial was Done at the GraveYard in Landhi #6.

On 12th Mar, in the early hours of the day , Young Shia Ejaz Hussain s/o Hidayat Hussain, 42 as reached his office Gate , the Assailants of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , who had already targeted him Shot him Martyred.

Ejaz was an Employee of the Hamdard Laboratory situated at Nazimabad #3, On the Unlucky day In the early hours of the day , as Ejaz reached his office Gate the Assailants of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , who must be following him on the Bike , shot him Multiple rounds , due to which he was fatally Injured . After the Incident the Assailants sped away Uninterrupted.

He was Later shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , but he could not succumb to his Bullet Injuries, and after medico Legal formalities , His body was shifted to Imambargah Shah e Karbala , Rizvia Society , from where it was shifted to Jafria Imambargah where his funeral Prayer was offered at about Namaz e Asar  time , after which his burial was offered at the Adjacent , Khaji Ground GraveYard , In the Presence of Hundred of Mourners , family , friends and relatives.

Ejaz was Resident of Gulbahar , and was also associated with the Unit 188 of MQM .

On 11th Mar, The Patriotic Son of Pakistan Capt. Syed Abbas Rizvi , Who was in Pakistan Army , and was Fighting the Taliban Terrorist in the Orakzai Agency , on Duty with the Armed forces of Pakistan , embraced Martyrdom in an ambush by the Taliban , as his Vehicle hit by a planted IED during the Patrolling of the area. Member of  His company Two Soldier also embraced Martyrdom in the same Incident.

He was the Son in Law of Col (Retd) Syed Naqi Naqvi , who is the Younger Brother of Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi .

His funeral Prayer was offered in RawalPindi , which was led by Allama Sajid Ali Naqvi (SUC) , and was attended by a No. of Shia Clerics , and a Large Number of friends , Relatives and Well Wishers.

A delegation of MWM which was led by The Secretary General of Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen Allama Nasir Abbas Also met Allama Sajid Naqvi at his residence on Wednesday in Rawalpindi to offer condolences over the martyrdom of Capt.Syed Abbas Rizvi .

On 8th March Another Shia Man Nawazish Ali s/o Ghulam Rasool was Targeted and attacked in the Badshah Bazaar area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

He was attacked by the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Terrorist, and was fired at a time when he was closing his shop . The Bullet injuries were fatal and he could succumb to his injuries as he embraced Martyrdom on the spot .

On the 4th March , in the same KPK Province another Shia Man Zafar Hussain s/o Bashir Hussain was attacked in the Tank area, near the Hospital who embraced martyrdom on the spot.

The Shia Target Killing Still continues , The graph has stabilized a little  as the Uptrend in the 4 Provinces of Pakistan has been quite checked , but in Sindh , rather specially in Karachi the Target Killing is still going on and hard efforts are needed to control the Shia Target Killing in Karachi.

As Right now Karachi is more Volatile in Terrorism , in comparison to FATA as the top leadership of TTP , SSP , and LeJ , are more Present and active in Karachi , rather than FATA and Upcountry , as due to the Volatility and Demographics of Karachi. As it is very easy to mingle and get disappeared in Karachi , with a huge Population of about 20 Million and so many groups controlling , different pockets of Karachi. Where even the LEA’s are not doing across the Board Operation , and Keeping a Blind eye towards the Politically & Ethnically strong Groups .

The Establishment of Pakistan have given a Lull to all the Killing and Terrorism in Pakistan , as it looks that now they are teaching the Public of Pakistan a lesson , that never ever think of Maligning the Character of the Armed forces , as earlier due to the Interruption and take Overs of Ayub Khan ,Yahya Khan , Zia Ul Haq , and finally Parvez Musharaf , they were given names by the Politician and have been Maligned .

As the Major factor of Maligning the Establishment was due to the Policies of the Gen. Zia Ul Haq , who made himself and with all the top Brass of the Armed Forces made their fortunes by selling the Countries Supreme Interest to the US , Saudi Arabia and UAE, and Imported a culture which gave rise to Drug Trade , Gun Running and Terrorism in Country. And it is his Reign which have Maligned the Complete Establishment , upto a limit that even Centuries will not wash off the scars which were on the face of the Nation.

Musharaf Did tried to wash of these scars , As he tried to cap the Militancy and Terrorism by Doing Operation In Balochistan and Lal Masjid , but the beneficiaries of these terrorism , the same Persons connected to the Establishment and working in the Best Interest of the Foreign Powers specially the US and Saudi nexus , even tried to Malign him , as he was a Powerful Decision Maker Had even the Backing of the complete Armed Forces , as he was the Commander of the Armed forces even , But as he was working In the best interest of the country , and against the Interest of the enemies of the Nation.

So to counter him US invested a Huge amount in a campaign against him , in the disguise of the Restoration of the Judiciary , which was heavily funded by US through his cronies, which finally resulted in his dethroning , and restoration of his choice of People , which once again , gave full excess to the US and Saudi Terrorist to terrorize and work on their Mission to Disintegrate Pakistan .

Now as per the Previous History of Establishment from Iskandar Mirza to Musharaf

Now the Present Establishment is still in Power and calling its shots , As on numerous times in the Present era they have Practically interrupted the Process , and have Proved their Presence, whether it is the matter of foreign Policy , or any thing else, but the only thing they have not still shown there signs , is that they are against the Taliban , which were once brought up , Nurtured, and Sponsored by them , and which are busy in terrorizing and Disintegration of Pakistan , as there is an Old saying that “ Justice Delayed is Justice Denied ” . So the time has come that if they still not uproot this menace of talibanization , which is Disintegrating Pakistan and Terrorizing Pakistan , then the Name of the Members of the Establishment will also not be written in Golden Words , but they will be called by the Names that their future generations will conceal their family names , to hide the shame they have to face in the shape of Public Anger and Dishonour.

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