A World Renowned Shia Poet , Scholar and an Academician Martyred by the Target Killing of SSP Terrorists

18032013051JNN 18 Mar 2013 KARACHI: On Monday 18th Mar , 2013 A World renowned  Shia writer, Poet, scholar and the Principal of a College in Karachi, Professor Syed Sibte Jafar Zaidi s/o S. Ahmed Mian Zaidi Rahi was Martyred by the Terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan in Karachi’s Liaquatabad area on Monday, Our Correspondent reported.

The Principal of Degree Science College Liaquatabad was returning home from duty on his Motorcycle when the Assailants of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ambushed him near Arshi chowk in Liaquatabad area of Karachi.

He was Hit by about 4 Bullets , 2 in the chest and 2 in the Head , causing fatal injuries .

The victims was rushed to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival. After Medico Legal Formalities his body was shifted to Imambargah Shah e Karbala, Rizvia Society , where his body was made ready for the funeral , from where it was shifted to Imambargah Shuhuda e Karabala , Sadaat Colony, F.B. Area # 20.

His Funeral Prayer was held on Amroha Ground , Sadaat Colony, F.B. Area # 20, after Zohrain Prayers in the presence of thousands of Mourners , Friends , Family Members , and People from all walks of life to give respect to his achievements and his services for the Humanity , after the funeral Prayers thousands of People accompanied his  Funeral Procession  to take his Body for Burial to Wadi e Hussain , Graveyard, Super Highway Karachi.

He has left 3 children and a Widow in the heirs.

He had no Personal enmity with any body , and was a brave man and was not afraid of any body , as he himself have written on his Blog , that he was receiving ,Death  threats from the terrorists of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan and Lashkar e Jhangvi , as he was Patron of so many Humanitarian and Social Organisations , and that was the cause that the terrorist who can not stand the Literary Personalities , and Plus as being A Well renowned Shia , working for the betterment of the society , so the terrorist were His blood thirsty , But even Knowingly still then he never Opted for Immigration to any Foreign Land , and remained in his Motherland , which finally costed him his life.

He Belong to the family of Academicians as his father was also a Poet , and a Writer and have complete command on Multiple Languages , which includes , Urdu , Hindi , Persian, and many others. Like father Like Son , Prof Sibte Jaffar have also command over Mutiple Languages , and has written his Poetry in different Languages .

He was the Writer of Many Books , and was a well known Soz Khawan , Noha Khawan , Marsia Khwan ( Poetry to Mourn the Martyrdom of Imam Hussain and the event of Karbala ) , and Manqabat Khwan (Poetry to praise the 14 Infallible ) .

He had complete command over Multiple Languages , and was the founder of Idara e Tarveej e Soz Khwani , which was basically to Promote the Passion and to create awareness in the Younger Generation to get awareness about the Soz Khwani , and to Master the Art of Soz Khwani , which itself is a very well renowned form of Poetry to Promote the Story of Karbala and Imam Hussain a.s , and as it is basis of Shia Sect of Islam .

The Sindh professor’s and lecturers association announced that a day of mourning would be observed on Tuesday against the Brutal incident. And to Boycott the Educational Activities in Protest against the Martyrdom of Prof. Sibte Jaffar , Across Sindh Province.

The Majlis Wahdat-i-Muslimeen (MWM) , Shia Ulema Council ( SUC ) and Jaffria Alliance Pakistan ( JAP )  also announced for a day of mourning to be observed on Tuesday.

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