Another Shia Asset , A Well Established Industrialist Martyred by the terrorist of SSP in Karachi

Shaheed Ali Asghar Rajani so Haider Ali Rajani , 25 Mar, 2013 , KHIJNN 26 Mar 2013 Karachi : As the Sun Set on 25th Mar , with it another Enterprising Young Shia Ali Asghar Rajani s/o Haider Ali Rajani , 45 , was targeted in SITE , Karachi , and was Martyred by the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan.

According to the reports As the day ended , Ali Asghar who was the One of the Owner of Rajani Industries , Situated in S.I.T.E , Karachi , also ended his work , and Drove towards in his car towards his Residence , with his other family members in the other car , with the Security Gaurds in both the cars , as these cars crossed the Ghani Chowrangi , both these cars were attacked  by 12 terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , who were on 6 Bikes , 3 Bikes and 6 Men on each side of the cars , and as Ali Asghar who was driving his car was the Main target , was hit first , while others attacked the Security Gaurds and the Other People who were accompanying him , Due to heavy Indiscriminate firing , the Security gaurds in Both the cars and two other Persons were critically injured , including Ali Asghar who was fatally injured by the targeted attack , as he received 2 bullet injuries in his head , while another on his shoulder .

SITE SP Ali Asif told Our Correspondent  that assailants sprayed a car with bullets near the Government College of Technology SITE .

After the attack , as when all the victims were injured The Terrorist who were even enjoying the Pillion Ride , when there is a Ban on Pillion Riding under section 144 in Karachi , escaped Unhindered , and Un Noticed by the Law Enforcement Agencies Personell , while the whole of Industrial area was in a state of Shock , due to Heavy gunfire , but the terrorist escaped successfully .

Afterwards all the wounded were shifted to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital , where Ali Asghar was Pronounced Dead On Arrival , while all the other were given the Medical care , and are in the recovery process . as their condition is said to be stable and Improving .

Meanwhile, the chairman of the SITE association, Dr Arshad Vohra, strongly condemned the killing of the industrialist and said that it would increase the insecurity in the business commmuntiy.

The Body of Ali Asghar was shifted to the Fatimiyah Community Center , Numaish, for Funeral Preperations .While his Funeral Prayer is announced to be Held on Tuesday , 26th Mar at Mehfil e Shah e Khurasan after the Zuhrain Prayers , while the Burial is Planned to be performed in Hussaini Bagh , Mewa Shah , Graveyard.

Ali Asghar Rajani was the Director of the Rajani Industries , which is well established Vertical Set up Export Oriented Garment Factory , with about 1000 workers staff involved in Production to meet the demand of the Export Orders .

He was a Person with no enemity with any body , as he was a soft spoken , Kind Heated personality , caring for all .

He was the Only Son of his Father and was Married , and  was the father of two Daughters

Shia Target Killing has now taken a Different turn as High Profile Shia Personalities are being targeted as in the recent Killing , First was An Asset to the Shia Nation Dr. Ali Haider who was a Asset not only for the Shia community , but as Asset for the Pakistani Nation , as it is very hard to find a Professional of his stature , then comes Prof. Sibte Jaffar who was Martyred , as he  was a Literary asset for the community , and again as the Prinicipal and as a Name in the Urdu Literature , Again an Asset for the Pakistan , and now A Very sound Industrialist , who was running a Multinational Business , and was not only a Asset for the community , but again was the reason for thousands of Pakistani families for the Bread and Butter for these families , associated with his business , directly and Indirectly.

The Previous Government has now gone in the Back Stage , while their Planted stooges are now on the Fore front , But it is quite obvious in the Presence of such stooges , the Establishment is now in full control , and if it has even a Little will to control the situation and to eliminate the terrorists working for the disintegration of Pakistan , and in the best interest of enemies of Pakistan , then it should come a step ahead and start curbing the Menace of Terrorism in the country , and especially the Shia Genocide , which has now creating a very deep rooted impact on the Young Shia generation , which thinks that Pakistan has failed to Provide them Security , and the Basic necessities of life , and all the sacrifices of their elders in the creation of Pakistan have gone in vain , and now they have been pushed against the wall and now they have only one way to live , as they have to defend them selves ,and themselves have to stand and not only defend their future generations , But have to cleanse the system infested the elements like Taliban and their off shoots , as these Killers are not only busy in the Shia Genocide, but are the worst enemies of the Nation , which their fore fathers have achieved after giving a lot of sacrifices, as even the armed forces have even failed to provide the security , which is their basic Duty.

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