After 8 months of Illegal confinement now the Saudi Govt charges Shia Cleric with Instigating Unrest

Arabian Shia Cleric Sheikh Nimr Al NimrJNN 27 Mar 2013 Riyadh : After About 8 Months in captivity without any charges , now A court in Saudi Arabia has charged prominent Shia cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr with “instigating unrest” and “seeking foreign meddling” in the kingdom. Continue reading

US Austerity Measures Closes 149 Air Traffic Control Towers , 2300 Jobs Cut Planned by Boeing

US Closes Down 149 Air Traffic Control TowersJNN 27 Mar 2013 CHICAGO – The Signs of Bickering Capitalistic US Economy’s are visible now , as per the US Govt Austerity measures , 149 Air Traffic Control Towers will be Closed , Making those Airports Risky , While the Boeing Company has Planned to cut down about 2300 Jobs , In the scenario of few fresh orders , and Grounding of 787 Dream liner . Continue reading

Myanmar Buddhist Extremist Burn down Mosques , Muslims homes in fresh attacks as Violence Spreads in other Towns

Myanmar's Rohingya Muslims Mosque Burnt.JNN 28 Mar 2013 YANGON, Myanmar – Anti-Muslim mobs rampaged through three more towns in Myanmar’s predominantly Buddhist heartland over the weekend, destroying mosques and burning dozens of homes despite government efforts to stop the nation’s latest outbreak of sectarian violence from spreading. Continue reading