18 Shia Martyred in Iraq after 5 Mosques Hit by Car Bombs

Iraq's Mosques  Hit By No. of Car BombsJNN 29 Mar 2013 Baghdad : Car bombs hit four mosques in the Iraqi capital Baghdad and another in Kirkuk just after prayers on Friday, tearing into crowds of worshippers and Martyring 18 Shia men , police and witnesses said.

At least 18 Worshippers were Martyred and more than 80 wounded in bomb attacks that rocked four mosques in the Iraqi cities of Baghdad and Kirkuk.

Five of the attacks — all of them car bombs — targeted five mosques in Baghdad, Martyring at least 14 Shia Men and wounding 30.

According to Baghdad police:

— One of the blasts struck worshipers leaving the al-Mustafa Mosque in the al-Jihad neighborhood of southwestern Baghdad, Martyring at least three Shia Men and wounding eight.

— In the Zafaraniya neighborhood of southeastern Baghdad, five Shia Men were Martyred and seven wounded when a car bomb exploded outside the al-Sadreen Mosque.

— In the al-Binook neighborhood, also in southeastern Baghdad, four Shia Men were Martyred and five were wounded when a car bomb exploded outside a Mosque as worshipers were departing.

— In the al-Qahira neighborhood of northeastern Baghdad, two Shia Men were Martyed and five wounded when a car bomb detonated outside the Ahl al-Bayt Mosque.

— And a car bomb exploded outside a Mosque in eastern Baghdad’s Talabiya neighborhood, wounding 10 Shia Men .

About 240 kilometers (150 miles) north of Baghdad, in southern Kirkuk, police said four Shia men were killed and 60 wounded by a car bomb followed by a suicide blast that targeted a mosque. Most of the casualties were Shiite worshipers, police told CNN.

After the blast at the al-Mustafa Mosque, people rushed from the neighborhood to the place of worship to check on their relatives’ welfare.

The blast shattered glass in the mosque, outside of which bloodstains were visible.

Abbas Jaber, who was in the al-Mustafa Mosque when the blast erupted, told CNN in a telephone interview that he blames al Qaeda and Baathists for Friday’s attacks, but he also expressed frustration with the Iraqi government and security forces.

The wave of blasts erupted within an hour of each other across Baghdad, as well as in the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk, just as worshippers were leaving after Friday prayers. In Kirkuk, a car bomb detonated near the al-Rasul al-Aadham mosque, killing three and wounding 70, a local health official told AFP.

The bomber drove his explosive-laden car into a group of worshippers as they were departing from the mosque, Col. Najat Hassan said.

“We were listening to the cleric’s speech when we heard a very strong explosion. Glass scattered everywhere and the roof partially collapsed,” Mohammed, a victim wounded in the Kirkuk blast, told Reuters.

The wave of violence comes as Iraq prepares for its first election in three years, with voters in 12 of the country’s 18 provinces set to head to the polls on April 20.  The legitimacy of the elections has been called into question, however, as widespread protests forced elections to be postponed in two provinces; AFP has reported that at least 11 candidates were killed in the violence.

No one has claimed responsibility for the most recent attacks, though Wahabi  linked to Al-Qaeda’s Iraqi faction have increasingly ratcheted up attacks in an attempt to spark widespread sectarian conflict a decade after the US-led invasion.

But security officials say al Qaeda’s wing, Islamic State of Iraq, is regrouping in the desert of western Iraq, re-energized by the war and flow of Wahabi terrorists battling against President Bashar al-Assad in neighboring Syria.

Over a dozen car bombings and roadside blasts swept through Baghdad on March 19, killing at least 56 and wounding nearly 200 in Shiite districts across the capital. Friday’s bombings bring the number of those killed in violence across Iraq to at least 258 this month.

In the past six years, Iraq has grown safer as a Strong form of democracy took hold. Sunnis, Shiites, Kurds and others often work together; there has been more political, economic and social stability. Coalition forces that ousted Saddam Hussein’s government have departed.

But sectarianism and instability is still being fanned in the country , by the agents of the previous occupiers.

As The US and Saudi funded Wahabi Insurgents of Al Qaida are trying their level best to weaken the atmosphere of Peace , Harmony and economic growth of the country , as they have once again been re in forced by the New funding and the flow of the terrorist Networks , being trained and exported to Syria and the adjacent Countries , which includes Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq.

And with the unexpected rise and flow of terrorist the attacks and Bomb Blasts have risen up sharply , as Shia Community is widely targeted in bomb Blast

While the Iraq’s Arab Sunnis and Kurds under a conspiracy being convinced by the conspirators that it is their Birth right to control all the resources of the country as being done in the Previous Dictatorial Governments led by Saddam Hussain and his predecessors where The Sunni Minority was in full control of all the resources of the country , while the Shia Majority was totally Marginalized , But with the Post Saddam elections as now the Democracy has been restored in the country , with which the Unfair claim of rights have been checked , and all the resources are being evenly distributed , which is even authenticated by the Independent International Observers , but under a conspiracy , the Minority groups are being provoked , to claim their Previous Luxuries , as it is their birth right , and in this Process Saudi & US Agents are fueling the sectarian divide to de stabize the Government , so they can once again be able to implant their Agents in the Government , and can easily manupilate the regional Politics and the resources of the country.

Sunnis make up about 15% of Iraq’s estimated population of more than 27 million; about 70% are Shiite, and rest 15% are Kurds.

And the biggest concern of the US and Saudi is that the Iraqi Government is widening its ties with its Neighbors , which will give growth and prosperity to the region, and in this process it has paved its ties with Neighbor Iran , with which the Dictator Saddam has waged a war which lasted for ten years , in which Hundreds of thousands Civilians and Forces Personell were Killed ,  and which ruined the growth and Prosperity of both the countries and the region .

But as these wars and confrontation is in the best interest of Saudi and US Govts so they are trying their level best to de stabilize the Present government , by fanning sectarianism and sponsoring Insurgency in the country.


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