“10th Malaysia International Halal Showcase” Organized to Highlight the growing Halal Industry in the World

10th International Halal Showcase , Malaysia 2013JNN 06 Apr 2013 Kuala lumpur : Figures from the global halal food industry are gathering in the Malaysian capital to discuss ideas to expand the industry supplying food that complies with Islamic religious law, currently valued at $2.3 trillion annually.  Continue reading

A female Bahraini Doctor reveals that she was sexually assaulted and tortured to extract false confession in Jail

Bahraini Dr. Fatima HajiJNN  06 Apr 2013 Manama : Dr. Fatima Haji A female Bahraini doctor says the Al Khalifa regime forces have ‘severely’ tortured her and several other doctors, who treated injured anti-regime protesters, in order to extract false confessions.  Continue reading

Egyptian Salafi forces fanning Sectarianism to restrict and hinder free movement of Irani Tourists

Egyptian Salafi fanning sectarianismJNN 05 Apr 2013 Cairo : Members of the Wahabi/Salafi movement in Egypt are tyring to hinder the Process of Diplomatic and cultural exchange Program, as they fanning sectarianism , and alleges that Irani tourist could try to spread Shia Islam in Egypt , and are against the increasing relationship which are being developed , as the on the Occasion of First Commercial Flight which landed in Egypt  after a Break of Diplomatic relations between Tehran and Cairo , after the gap of 34 Years. Continue reading