All set to Return the Afghan Govt to Mullah Omer after the US Exit in 2014

Mullah OmarJNN 07 Apr 2013 Kabul : Afghan President Hamid Karzai said this week Taliban leader Mullah Mohammad Omar can run for the upcoming presidential elections. Continue reading

11 Shia men Martyred in 20 Days across Pakistan in the Ongoing Shia Target Killing By SSP , LeJ & TTP Terrorists

Shaheed Imran Haider Naqvi so Anees Naqvi , 20 Mar 2013 , karachiJNN 06 Apr 2013 Karachi : The Shia Target Killing continues whether the New Government or the Previous Government , as it looks that the People in control of the reigns of the country are either incapable or they are not interested in checking the activities of the Taliban and their allied groups , which are not only the Blood thirsty enemies of Shia communities , but also are against the Integration of Pakistan and its Ideology. And it has been proved that Shia Community is the Biggest Hurdle in their way as they are paying the biggest Price to counter their threat in shape of ongoing Target Killing . Continue reading