Bahraini Shia Organised a Week to Denounce the Destruction of Mosques by the Al Khalifa Regime

Bahriani Shia Pray on the Site of Demolished Mosque by Al Khalifa Monarchy aJNN 11 Apr 2013 Manama : Bahraini Shia Muslims citizens showed their confirmed determination and participated in the prayers Organized on the demolished Mosques sites  across Bahrain as part of a campaign ” The highlight the atrocities of the Al Khalifa Wahabi Monarchy who have demolished Several mosques for their Personal Benefits ,to save their Unjust rule of Oppresion And discrimination. In this regard they have Organised “  Demolished Mosques week in Bahrain” titled ” strives to ruin them” ( war on religious freedoms), from 5-11 April,2013 to mark the second anniversary of mosques demolition when more than 38 mosques had been demolished by the regime in Bahrain.

A central prayer was held Saturday 6th April,2013, on the Site of the Demolished Al-Barbaghi mosque where Many citizens denounced the criminal act of mosques demolition that was perpetrated by the regime two years ago.

The campaign aims to focus on the ongoing violations perpetrated against the religious freedoms as the demolished mosques are still not reconstructed. During the last period, The regime force were also reported to have demolished many mosques and vandalized mosques , where even Copies of Holy Quran was also desecrated by the regime forces and all the their facilities adjacent .

The regime would not admit to its outrageous systematic crime of demolishing 38 mosques across Bahrain and vandalizing many mosques with  other religious places. Such outrageous behavior is a historic precedent that has never been witnessed in the history of Islam since 1400 years.

Following are the Pictures of the Prayers Held on the Site of the Demolished Mosques during the Week Organized to condemn the acts of the Monarchy of Demolishing and Desecrating Mosques , in which Hundreds of  Shia Citizens of Bahrain Participated, to condemn the Ongoing atrocities and Discrimination by the ruling Minority Wahabi Al Khalifa Monarchy against the Majority Shia Population of Bahrain.

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3 thoughts on “Bahraini Shia Organised a Week to Denounce the Destruction of Mosques by the Al Khalifa Regime

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