Syrian forces Loyal to Asaad break Rebel Blockade in North Syria

Syrian recapture Bases in NorthJNN 17 Apr 2013 Damascus : Syrian government troops have broken through a six-month rebel blockade in northern Syria and are now fighting to recapture a vital highway, opposition and state media said on Monday. Continue reading

Pakistani Biased Judiciary Disqualifies ex-President Musharraf for Elections 2013

Pervez-Musharraf Back in PakistanJNN 16 Apr 2013 ISLAMABAD – Courts in Pakistan have disqualified former President Pervez Musharraf for contesting parliamentary elections for suspending the constitution and imposing emergency in 2007 during his rule, lawyers said Tuesday. Continue reading

7.8 magnitude quake hits southeast Province of Sistan – Balochistan , Iran

A Massive 7.8 Quake Hits IranJNN 17 Apr 2013 TEHRAN – A very strong earthquake measuring 7.7 on the Richter scale on Tuesday hit the Iranian city of Saravan in the southeastern Sistan and Baluchestan Province which borders Pakistan, the Iranian Seismological Center reported.  Continue reading

Taliban expecting record opium crop, As US not inclined to stop the Lucrative DrugTrade from Afghanistan


JNN 16 Apr 2013 Kabul : Illegal poppy cultivation in Afghanistan is expected to reach a record high this year. As NATO troops withdraw and the international aid effort winds down, the country’s economy is set to shrink, making other legal crops less attractive. Continue reading