2 Shia Men Martyred , while JAP Leader Injured in an Targeted Sectarian Attack By the terrorist of SSP

Shaheed Qasim Jafri and Hassan KashmiriJNN 28 April 2013 Karachi : Once again the Shia Target Killing accelerates as in the Broad Day Light , Shia Activist Sh.Mohd.Hassan Kashmiri s/o Sartaj Hussain Kashmiri , 38 was targeted in the Ali Basti area of P.S Gulbahar, who embraced Martyrdom on the spot, while on the same day with a difference of a couple of Hours , JAP Leader Molana Baqar Zaidi was Targetted by the Terrorist in the P.S Liaqatabad area, where his Police Guard Qasim Jafri was Martyred by the firing of SSP Terrorists.

As per the Eye Witnesses Hassan Kashmiri was targeted By the terrorist of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan’s splinter Group Firasat Mirza Alias Pasha Group, These Terrorist came on Two Motorcycles , and targeted in the Busy Market area of Ali Basti , P.S Gulbahar , in the Presence of a Lot of People , where One of the Assailant came off the Bike , and shot Hassan from a Close range , due to which he was fatally injured , after shooting him these terrorist fled away Unhindered , while Hassan was shifted to Abbasi Shaheed Hospital .

But as Per Medico Legal Report , he received 4 Bullet injuries in face and head area , while he received two Bullet wounds in the Upper Chest and Under arm.

He has left a widow and 3 children in the Heirs .

He was a Religious Minded Person and was a Member of Ikhwan ul Momineen Group, and was a supporter of Shia Action Committee , which is led by Molana Mirza Yousuf Hussain

In the other gory Incident same day a few hours later The  Shia scholar , Leader of Jaffaria Alliance Pakistan , and who is also a Headmaster of a local school Molana Baqar Zaidi was wounded while his police guard Qasim Jafri s/o Sultan Hassan Jafri ,42 was shot Martyred in a drive-by shooting when they were returning home from his school near Gujjar Nullah on Saturday, police said.

They added that 54-year-old Syed Baqir Hussain Zaidi came out of a government school in Liaquatabad, in which he was a headmaster, after the day`s work and drove his car out with his Police Guard on the back seat.

He had just gone a few furlongs away when two armed men on a motorcycle intercepted them, fired a few shots at them from a close range and sped away.

The police said driver Qasim Jafri, 42 , who was a police guard given to the scholar, received a bullet in his head and died on his way to hospital.

Constable Qasim was the Police Guard deputed by the Local Police for the security of Molana Baqar Zaidi , He was doing his duty with with Mr. Baqar for the Last One Year , and was associated with the Sindh Police for the last 24 years.

He has left 2 Children and a Widow in the Heirs .

Mr Zaidi sustained a bullet in his left arm and another in his left leg. He was taken to the Abbasi Shaheed Hospital (ASH) from where he was taken to a private hospital.

Doctors at the ASH said that Mr Zaidi`s condition is stable, and is in the recovery Process.

The chief of the Jafaria Alliance , Allama Abbas Kumaili, said that Mr Zaidi was a leader of his group and a victim of yet another sectarian attack in the city.

`He is a respected teacher and an eminent Shia scholar.

The attack on him is part of a series of sectarian attacks perpetrated against the Shia community,` said Mr Kumaili.

He said that the situation in Karachi clearly showed that all liberal parties and the Shia community were on militant elements`target.

`Bagar Zaidi has been attacked in the same area where another Professor and intellectual Sibte Jafar Zaidi had been Martyred a month ago.

We smell a plan against Karachi`s literate people,` he added.

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