India officially accepts of backing terrorism in Pakistan , As Sarbajit Singh a convicted terrorist given State funeral in India

Indian Raw Agent Sarbajit Singh Given State FuneralJNN 07 May 2013 Delhi : Indian spy Sarabjit Singh had gone to Pakistan for an operation managed by a senior Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) official and later became the external intelligence agency’s chief, Hindustan Times (HT) reported.   Continue reading

Bahraini Al Khalifa’s Biased Court sentences 31 Protesters to 15 years in Prison

Bahraini-court-sentences-17-anti-regime-protesters-to-15-yearsJNN 7 May , 2013 Manama : A defense lawyer in Bahrain says a court has sentenced 31 protesters to 15 years in prison each for roles in firebomb attacks against security forces during an anti-government demonstration last year. Continue reading

Future Technology Breaks the Barrier , Solar-powered plane completes first leg of cross-country journey

Solar Powered Plane HB - SIAJNN 07 May, 2013 Washington : The solar-powered aircraft making a landmark cross-country flight successfully completed its first leg early Saturday, and will rest about a week in Arizona before taking to the skies again. Continue reading

India takes a U turn On lucrative Energy Deal , wants to resume ‘IPI’ gas pipeline negotiations

Iran Pakistan Gas Pipe Line Project aJNN 07 May  2013 Delhi : Indian External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has voiced New Delhi’s willingness to reenter negotiations over a project that would have transferred Iranian gas to India via Pakistan. Continue reading