Bangladesh in Disaster , after 780 Killed in Garment Factories Building Collapse now Atleast 38 Killed in Anti Blasphemy Protests

Bangladesh in Disaster after another DisasterJNN 8 May 2013 Dhaka : As The death toll from a collapsed building housing five garment factories in the Bangladeshi capital, Dhaka, has passed 780, now the Bangladeshi Capital is hit by another disaster , As over 38 people have been killed and hundreds injured as the government crushed the Anti Blasphemy protest & Agitation by the Islamist against the Blasphemous Material on the Web.  Continue reading

Sexual assault cases increase by 37% in US military forces

US Army Female Sexually assaulted by their Senior MalesJNN 8 May , 2013 Washington : The US Defense Department has released a survey study showing a 37 % climb in sexual assault cases in the military, just two days after an officer leading Air Force’s sexual assault prevention programs was himself detained and charged with sexual battery. Continue reading