Nigeria declares emergency in areas hit by Wahabi Insurgents

Nigeria Imposes Emergency in area Hit by wahabi BOKO Haram InsurgentsJNN 16 May 2013 Abuja : Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan declared a state of emergency in three northeastern states on Tuesday, ordering in more troops to try to stem an increasingly violent Wahabi insurgency. Continue reading

Japanese politician defends WWII ‘comfort women’ sex slavery

Japanese Opposition Leader Toru HashimotoJNN 16 May 2013 Hiroshima : The proximity of the battlefield gave rise to the ‘comfort women’ system on Japanese-occupied territories in the 1930s, according a Japanese politician. Hundreds of thousands of Chinese and Korean women were forced into sex slavery at the time. Continue reading

Rohingya Muslims face another Disaster, 100 feared Dead as Boat capsize in search of a Safe Heaven

Rohingya Muslims Boat CapsizesJNN 16 May 2013 Yangoon :  A boat carrying about 100 Rohingya Muslims capsized off western Myanmar and many were feared drowned at the beginning of a mass evacuation from low-lying regions ahead of a powerful storm, a United Nations official said on Tuesday. Continue reading