PTI’s Nominated CM of KPK Dedicate the Province to the Enemies of Pakistan , The Taliban

Imran Khan Taliban NexusJNN 20 May 2013 Peshawar : Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaf (PTI) senior leader and soon-to-be Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pervez Khattak on Friday said that the coming provincial government was ready to hold talks with the outlawed Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) militants.

We have no enmity with the Taliban, said the PTI central Secretary General. He said the Taliban were also Pakistanis and that they request the militant group to hold peace talks and work for peace in the region.

We appeal to Taliban that we are not  at war with you, this province is yours and we are hopeful you will work for its peace.

“We are not against anyone and not here to fight anyone, we want peace and development in our province and we want to talk to them, ” he said.

Pervaiz  Khattak also said that they should be given a chance to settle the problem.

“Our request to them is that we want peace in the province and that they should extend to us their help,” Khattak said.

PTI’s stance on Taliban is Dangerously Soft with the Killers of Thousands of Pakistani Citizens and especially Pakistani Soldiers and More specifically the Shiite Community of Pakistan and Afghanistan , who condemn the Pakistani State and are Openly at War with the Pakistani Armed Forces and are the Worst enemies of Pakistan they are Practically working to Disintegrate Pakistan. And Yet the PTI’s Chief Imran Khan and Now the Designate CM of the Most vulnerable Province of Pakistan is begging from them for Peace as it looks like that they are the ones who have decided to Bring the PTI to Power in the KPK Province , and also in the National assembly .

Their soft stance is pointing towards a Dangerous Direction , as once they bring these Taliban to the Negotiation under such circumstances , where they are begging them for Peace , as it looks like that the Armed force of Pakistan have completely surrendered to the US & Zionist Planted Taliban , and now they have no other way but to negotiate with the Rapist of Our Motherland. But it will be a deceit to the Blood of the Martyrs who laid their lives in fighting against them , and their extremist Ideologies.

2 thoughts on “PTI’s Nominated CM of KPK Dedicate the Province to the Enemies of Pakistan , The Taliban

  1. it is not necessary that you will be right . they took right decision we are here to save the people not to kill our people either they are sheiya or suni or any other religion in pak we are here to save pak. if we make our country war and battlefield then who will be killed? our own people. of course this is not our war this is war of someone else and all that people are at war with govt because of helping outsiders rather than regionally near people so the war is on. most of soldiers will not be agree with the war with taliban but they are helpless against govt and they are obeying orders from govt. so please be conscious to say something.

    • Yes , You are right Dear this War is of others and even sponsored and being fought for others Interest .
      And it is now an Open secret that the Taliban are being sponsored by Saudi and US Govts and working for their Interest , and both these countries have ruined Pakistan by their sponsored Agents Known as Taliban , who have Killed thousands Patriotic Soldiers , and have done every thing to Disintegrate Pakistan , and now Inviting those Killers of Pakistani Soldiers to share Luxuries and Benefits will be a clear deceit to the Blood of our great Martyrs.
      We are Nation of Proud Pakistani Men , who Know to that “ It is better to Live One day like a Lion then to Live Hundred Years Like a Jackal”

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