Saudi Man dies of Self Immolation , while the Religious Police closes down the Quran learning centers in Shiite Area

Saudi Poor Citizens Demand JusticeJNN 21 May 2013 RIYADH, – A Saudi Arabian vegetable seller, who set himself on fire in the capital Riyadh on Thursday to express discontent over social and economic injustices in the kingdom, has died. Continue reading

Another Gigantic Tornado Rips across Oklahoma Killing 91 , including 20 Children

Tornado ripped through Oklahoma 20 May , 2013JNN 21 May 2013 Oklahoma : A monstrous tornado that Killed 91 with 20 children among those killed may be remembered as among the largest and most destructive in American history roared through a heavily populated suburb of Oklahoma City, cutting a swathe as much as two miles wide and flattening homes, shops, hospitals and, perhaps most devastatingly, schools that had no time to evacuate. Continue reading

Establishment’s bid to divide Pakistani Shia on ethnic Grounds Strongly rejected By Community

ISI Agents Disintegrating Shia NationJNN 21 May 2013 Quetta : The voters of PB-2 once again rejected Hazara Democratic Party in May 11 elections by electing Majlis-e Wahadat-e Muslimeen’s candidate. This was HDP’s second consecutive defeat in elections ever since it was made in 2003. But like 2008 defeat, HDP is once again not accepting its rejection by the voters. The rejection of party in electoral politics makes it very clear that Shia Hazaras do not want to give representation to a party and individuals with dubious past, which has an agenda of dividing the shia Community on ethnic and Linguistic grounds to weaken the community. Continue reading