4 Martyred 17 Injured in a Bomb Blast outside Imambargah in Peshawar , Pakistan

Bomb Blast in Imamia Colony Imambargah , Peshawar 28 May 2013JNN 29 May 2013 PESHAWAR: A bomb exploded outside Imambargah Sakhi Munawar Shah in Imamia Colony on GT Road in Peshawar on Tuesday evening, Martyring at least four people and injuring 17 others. 

Police and bomb disposal officials said that up to three kilogrammes of explosives had been planted in a motorcycle and detonated using a remote control. The vehicle was parked near the Imambargah Sakhi Munawar Shah. The explosion was powerful enough to destroy the windows of nearby buildings.

The explosion forced atleast 2 Shia Men to fall in to the nearby canal.

The Shia Martyrs of the Blast are identified as the Custodians of the Imambargah , namely as Gulshan and Zaheer Abbas , while the 2 Passerbys were also Killed in the Blast

Police officials have secured the blast area. Investigations and a search opeartion are underway.

The injured have been shifted to the Lady Reading Hospital where at least three of the injured are described to be in a critical condition.

A large number of relatives of the dead and injured reached the hospital.

Deputy Commissioner Peshawar Javed Marwat told the media that at this point they do not know what the target of the bomb was but they were conducting a search operation in the area.

Prime Minister Mir Hazar Khan Khoso has strongly condemned the blast and directed authorities concerned to provide the best available medical assistance to those injured in the blast.

Targeting Shia community?

Though the Peshawar deputy police commissioner said that the target of the bombing was unknown, SP City Khalid Hamdani believed that the resident Shia community could have been targeted.

Hamdani admitted  that security was present at the Imambargah, however, the attackers used the cover of darkness to plant the explosives-laden motorcycle close to the building.

Once again the Shia Target Killing and the Bomb Blast on the Shia Areas have intensified , as it looks that the terrorist were under some arrangement with the winning parties of the KPK and Center , were slowed down their attack for the last fortnight , and as the agreement has eneded they have intensified their attacks .

As the Target Killing of Shia Men in Karachi , Peshawar and across Pakistan , and the attack on the Shia Buildings and Majority areas have again started , while the Government have been sleeping since then , and have not made any concrete steps to curb the Menace .


One thought on “4 Martyred 17 Injured in a Bomb Blast outside Imambargah in Peshawar , Pakistan

  1. Once again – as in the past – the Shia community are at the receiving end & are being targeted & eliminated and the present nincompoop Minister of the Interim Government – as also Mohammad Nawaz Sharif, the newly elected future P. M. – are silent over the matter and have adopted a ‘care_a_hang’ attitude towards these killings despite the presence of thousands of Law Enforcing Agencies viz. Local Police Force, the C.I.D., the M.I. [Military Intelligence] etc. + 1000’s of C.C.T.V. Cameras installed in all large cities of Pakistan.

    Even a common layman is aware of the presence of the ‘paid’ agents of Foreign Funding Paymasters of Sipah_E_Sahaba, Lashkar_E_J’hangvi & Tehreek_E_Taliban – Pakistan & other sectarian parties who have created havoc in this country in the name of Islam.
    Actually, due to the ‘loose attitude’ of the Goverment of the day and the ‘lack of quick punisment’ have emboldened these ‘killers of human beings’.

    Instead of going through all the hassles of lodging cases and the delay in judgement – and thereafter releasing a criminal ‘due to lack of evidence’ – that the crime rate is increasing day-by-day.

    Once a criminal is caught ‘red-handed’ and his picture is seen on a C.C.T.V. Camera, it is proof enough of the guilt and the criminal should be given exemplary punishment like ‘openly being shot’ or ‘publicly hanged’ as is done in Saudi Arabia, Iran or any other Islamic country.


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