Policeman -The LeJ KHI Chief , the Target Killer of Prof. Sibte Jafar and atleast Nine other Shia Men Once again arrested

Pakistani Police Black SheepsJNN 27 May 2013 The Policeman Constable Tariq Shafi Ansari Alias Doctor who was , also the Ameer ( Chief ) of the Terrorist Ornganisation Lashkar e Jhnagvi , the Terrorist  Squad of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan , was arrested by the LEA’s last week , has confessed in his Joint Interrogation Team ( JIT )Report to the LEA personnel that he assassinated the Well Renowned Prof. Sibte Jafar Zaidi , and atleast Nine Other Shia Men.

He was even earlier arrested and was sent to the Jail , and have been in Prison for a Long time , but on his release , He was re instated on his Police Department Job , even being a convict .

He was even receiving his Salary from the Police Mechanical Department , before Being arrested, during the Period he was involved in  committing the Heinous crimes of Target Killing .

He has further confessed to the JIT team , that the Plan of Target Killing of the Principal of Liaqatabad Degree College , Prof. Sibte Jafar Zaidi was  discussed by Ather , Shahid and Himself . On 18th March 2013 , the as per the Plan the Prof. Sibte Jaffar was targeted & Martyred by Athar and Shahid in the Liaqatabad Area, for which FIR No. 61/2103 was registered in the Liaqatabad P.S.

Except this the Convict also confessed the Murder of Zahid s/o Mushtaq , who was the son of Hikmat Practitioner in the Saddar area , he was assisinated on 5th Feb , with the collaboration of Athar and Shahid Choran , the FIR # 40/2013 , is registered in the Saddar P.S , He also Target Killed S. Qamar Raza Naqvi in the Brass Lane ( Petaal wali Gali ) of Gulbahar area , and in this Criminal Act his Friend Subhan and another Associate was involved with him , for which FIR # 55/2013 is registered in Rizvia P.S, He also targeted Killed another Shia Man Ejaz Hussain Jafri, who he thought to be a Member of Sipah e Mohd Pakistan , whom he assassinated in collaboration with Subhan , in front of his office , Hamdard Laboratories , Nazimabad , for which FIR # 55 was registered in the Naziamabad P.S.

He further told that Subhan Mislead him that a Young Shia Man Hassan Safdar Naqvi is involved in Dis regarding Holy Prophets Companions on Internet  , So he also targeted him in the limits of Paposh Nagar , for which FIR # 32/2013 was registered in Paposh Nagar P.S.

Hafiz Qasim Rasheed mislead and infuriated him by telling that 2 Shia Men S.Ahsan Abbas Naqvi and Zia Mehdi are involved in Printing and distributing Shia Religious Literature , which is hateful for us , for which Hafiz Qasim Rasheed , himself and 2 Other companions Targeted both of them on the Main Karimabad Bridge , and Killed them , for which FIR # 150 / 2013 was registered in the Gulberg P.S.

On 16th March 2012 at around Sunset , when he and Subhan who have planned to Kill the Speaker (Zakir) of Ali Basti Imambargah , and at that time Subhan was carrying a 9mm Pistol , and as the Speaker drove away in his car , and as he reached the Business Recorder Road , Subhan fired Multiple shot aiming the Speaker , but as he ducked to save himself , so instead his son , S. Akmal Mohsin Rizvi , who was sitting beside him , was critically injured and later could not succumbed to his injuries, got  Killed , for which FIR # 131 / 2013 was registered in the Jamshed Qtr. P.S

The Convict Tariq Shafi Ansari who was taking treatment from Dr. Hassan Alam , got some conflict on a sectarian issue , on which he got infuriated , and decided to Kill him , and for that he Instructed Shahzad , who was the resident of New Karachi , who came to the Clinic of Dr. Hassan Alam , and Killed him by firing , for which FIR # 20/2013 is registered in New Karachi P.S.

During the JIT Interrogation , he told his where about as he was born in 1968 , and was the resident of P.I.B Colony , And got his elementary education from Govt . High School, Sindhi Hotel , Liaqatabad, and during the same Period he also did a Refrigeration Course , and passed his Matriculation Privately in 1989 . And In 1990 he Joined the Garden area Police as a Mechanic . But at the Untimely death of his Brother in 1995 , he left the Job and shifted to Bhawalpur , where he Married his maternal Cousin, and got involved in the Fabric Business , but as the Business could not florish , so he came back to Karachi in 1998 , and his Job also got re Instated in the Police Department .

And During his Job in the Police , he got in contact with a Young Man named Waseem Baroodi , who use to come to one of his students , who was a Prayer leader of Mosque in Orangi Town 11 ½ , who convinced him for the sectarianism & Blood shed of Opponents , So finally one fine day he told that he has a 30 bore Pistol with him , and Waseem Baroodi took him along to kill a Innocent Boy , Both walked toward the Boy , and on Pointation  of Waseem Baroodi of that Boy , I fired on him , resulting his death,

From 2000 to 2001 before he got arrested he Killed about 9 or 10 Shia men. One day He and Waseem Baroodi were walking on the road as they came across some Street criminal Men , who were trying to snatch cash from Waseem Baroodi , but on his resistance he got injured due to their firing , in the mean time I took out my Pistol , and fired on them , and due to the firing One of the Dacoits got Killed , and as Waseem was also injured , and I was trying to take Waseem to Hospital for treatment , but at the same time we were arrested by the A.S.I Ali Raza of Orangi Ext. P.S , we were arrested on 11 different cases , for which I was in Jail for about Seven and a Half years , till finally I was released on Bail in 2008 – 2009 , and by that time Waseem was already released on Bail , about 7 to 8 months , earlier , and during the Imprisonment period  , he was the Group Leader of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan.

On his release he side Lined from all the terrorist activities , and was again re instated on his Police Job. But on insistence of Hafiz Qasim Rasheed , again started Meetings , and slowly and gradually became the Head of the Target Killers Squad of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan . He was Known by his Alias , Doctor , Baba Ji , Bade Mian , Chacha , Haji and Haji Sahab. He has Pointed out Hafiz Qasim Rasheed, Waseem Baroodi , and Subhan , who all are in the Prison right now.

When asked about how such high profile militants managed to get away after being arrested, Khan said that it was due to lack of evidence. The Head of the CID Karachi , Fayyaz Ahmed Khan narrated

“Even the judges and lawyers are scared to take up their (the militants) cases. So how can we expect witnesses to show up with evidence?” he replied.

Khan explained that apart from targeting high profile politicians, media personnel and members of the Shia community in particular were also on their hit list. “They (militants) get their training from Waziristan. The groups not only know each other but also support each other in carrying out their operations.”

This Complete Story of the Target Killer is being Published to let the People know that , how weak & Corrupt is our Judiciary , How weak is our Justice System that even after committing , such heinous crimes of Killing not one or two Innocent men but even after Killing Dozens of Innocent Men , the Criminals are being escorted free out of the Jail , and so that they can Kill again , and above all the level  of Corruption and Highly infested by terrorist is our Police who not only sponsor terrorist , but even have a Number of terrorist in their ranks , who Kill Innocent People some time in the name of secatarianism , and rest in the name of Jihad , regardless of their cast , creed , sect or Religion.

And on Top of whole is this Scenario is our Politicians , who for their Personal gains & Benefits , sponsor terrorism and terrorist Organisations . As Now the Latest News is that the Newly Elected Government is continuously , calling to have negotiations with the Bunch of terrorist called Talibans , Instead of Punishing the Criminals and Maintaining the Writ of the Government , with full force and power , for which thousands of our Citizens and Armed Forces Personnel have embraced Martyrdom, and their families will be bearing the burnt of this Gurella War , in which we are being Pushed so that Saudi Arabia can Maintain its Hegemony in the Muslim and the Arab World.

While the Saudi Rulers are so much self centered that for their Hegemony and Power , they can even burn whole of the Muslim World , as they are least Bothered , if some or every Muslim may die due to their Selfish Policies , But they do not want to harm their relations with the  Zionist US and West , as they think that they are their saviors .

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