Unity Prayer offered in Iraq & Lebanon to Relinquish all the Sectarian difference among Muslim Brothers

Unity Prayer in IraqJNN 4 June 2013 Baghdad : As Unity among Muslims is the Need of the Hour , when the Enemies of Islam are trying their level best to Create tension and Hatred between the different Sects of Islam, But to fight this conspiracy , the True Muslims are always working to Bloster Brotherly relations between all the sects of Islam , and in this effort Iraq and Lebanon Muslims took a step forward , as they offered Unity Prayers , to their Solidarity and to defeat the desire of the Enemies of Islam to create disharmony among Muslims of the World. Continue reading


With Hezbollah’s support to the Syrian Army , the foreign Infested terrorist giving SOS Signals to their Masters

Hezbollah Support for Syrain ArmyJNN 4 June 2013 Damascus : Syrian Government forces are continuing their assault on Qusayr. Syria army on Saturday continued to bombard rebel-held areas of the city bordering Lebanon, activists told Al Jazeera, as clashes raged between forces loyal to President Bashar al-Assad and opposition fighters on several front lines. Continue reading