Syrian forces Victory in re capturing the Strategic Town of Qusayr, A Major Blow to the US ,and Allied Pro Israel Arab States

Iran hails Syria over Qusayr liberationJNN 6 June 2013 Damascus : Syria’s army has taken full control of the strategic town of Qusayr near the Lebanese border after an offensive against foreign-backed militants that lasted almost three weeks.

Syrian state television said on Wednesday that the Syrian troops also killed a large number of terrorists and captured other militants in the western town in Homs Province.

The foreign-backed militants also confirmed in a statement that they withdrew overnight Wednesday from the town after the Syrian troops “killed hundreds” of terrorists.

Syrian officials say new military gains have shifted the balance of power in the government’s favor in recent weeks.

In the past two months, the Syrian army has moved steadily against the terrorists in key battleground areas, making advances near the border with Lebanon and considerably lowering the threat to Damascus.

Meanwhile, Syrian government forces pushed foreign-backed militants out of Jobar, a key district on the edge of Damascus, according to the state news agency. It would bolster the defenses of the Syrian capital.

SANA news agency said Tuesday that government troops “restored security and stability to some vital areas” in Jobar, on the northeastern edge of the capital from where the terrorists had been trying to push into Damascus for weeks.

Syrian government forces are going ahead with their mop-up operation in Qusayr after they regained full control of the strategic town, Press TV reports.

The troops were reportedly defusing on Wednesday explosive devices planted by the Takfiri militants fighting against the government in different parts of the town.

More than 200 pickup trucks carrying militants left the town and moved to a nearby village in the north of Qusayr.

The government is trying to bring the town back to normal as soon as possible.

Syrian military forces have dismantled the terrorist network of the foreign-backed militants in the strategic area, which borders Lebanon.

Qusayr has been an important center and supply route for the foreign-sponsored militants fighting against the Damascus government.

The Syrian Army also reported that it has obtained documents confirming the role of Arab and non-Arab countries in the Syria crisis.

Iran congratulates the Syrian nation, government and army on the success of the Syrian military forces in recapturing the strategic Syrian town of al-Qusayr.

Tehran “congratulates the victory of the Syrian army and people over the Takfiri terrorists,” said Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir Abdollahian on Wednesday.

He also condemned certain countries that facilitate the shipment of arms to the militants in the Arab country for the massacre of the Syrian people, emphasizing that those behind the carnage in Syria must be tried for war crimes.

“Certain parties continue to send arms and support terrorist actions in Syria,” Abdollahian said, adding they “are responsible for massacres and destruction in Syria and should be tried for war crimes.”

The remarks came after Syria’s army on Wednesday took full control of the western town near the Lebanese border after an offensive against foreign-backed militants that lasted almost three weeks.

Syria has been gripped by unrest for more than two years. The foreign-sponsored militancy has taken its toll on the lives of many people, including large numbers of Syrian soldiers and security personnel.

While on the other hand The US has strongly condemned Syrian Army’s liberation of the country’s border city of Qusayr, which had served as the major stronghold of US and Allied Arab sponsored armed terrorists that sought to overthrow Syria’s government.

“The United States condemns in the strongest possible terms the al-Assad regime’s assault on al-Qusayr, which has killed untold numbers of civilians and is causing tremendous humanitarian suffering,” White House Press Secretary Jay Carney claimed in a Wednesday statement.

And here it should be noted that the Drone attacks of the US in Afghanistan , Pakistan , Yemen and Somalia have up till now Killed thousands of Innocent Civilians , and at the same time US and allied forces are involved in several incidents of Abusing and Killing Innocent Citizens in Afghanistan , Pakistan and other African States.

The apparent US rage over the success of the Syrian forces to drive out the US backed terrorist gangs that have terrorized the nation over the past two years, comes amid widely reported US plans to offer direct military support to the anti-Damascus militants with the announced aim of overthrowing the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

The White House official further called for “safe access” to evacuate injured insurgents and provide “medical supplies,” a call that apparently was not considered worthy of a response by Syrian officials.

Washington has also blasted the Lebanese Islamic resistance movement Hezbollah for its support role behind the Syrian military triumph over the insurgents, who received massive amounts of arms and supplies from US-backed regimes in the region, including Jordan, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and even the Israeli regime.

This is while Hezbollah has described the recent military victory over Qusayr as a major blow to the US-Israeli-Takfiri triangle in Syria that sought to remove the only Arab government in the region that effectively remained behind Palestinian resistance against the Israeli occupation.

Takfiris are ultra-radical Muslims closely tied to the Saudi-invented Wahhabi brand of Islam that openly seeks to kill or neutralize any Muslim that opposes their radical worldviews and approaches.

Most Takfiris have identified themselves with the shadowy al-Qaeda terror network and are widely known to have committed countless atrocities in Syria against civilians as well as government forces.

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem, meanwhile, has reiterated that those who wish to see the fall of the Syrian government are deeply flawed.

Moreover, the Syrian army further vowed on Wednesday to entirely crush the remainder of the foreign-backed insurgents across the country following its triumph in Qusayr after weeks of fierce battles.

Hundreds of insurgents have been killed and many captured in the course of the recent fighting.

Yet, they have also vowed to continue the armed insurgency against the Damascus government despite their heavy loss in Qusayr.

Nearly all the supply routes to the terrorist al-Nusra Front forces are cut following Syrian army’s successful operation in retaking the town from terrorist occupiers, al-Alam reports.

Al-Alam correspondent, Hussein Murtaza, who was reporting from Qusayr after Syrian army’s victory against terrorists, said that the town is cleared now from armed groups and it is completely under army’s control.

“Terrorists had dug many tunnels in the town and they used to move around through these tunnels,” he said adding that they had made the town one of their main bases and Qusayr was even considered as the “capital of armed groups specially the al-Nusra Front” by some of the countries who supported them.

According to Murtaza’s report, terrorists were supplied by advanced arms and military equipments which were probably sent by their foreign supporters.

“The army could successfully clear the town finally and the scores of bodies and graves shows terrorists’ heavy losses in this town,” he added.

However, he said, this victory did not mean an end to the war in this region and the army is determined to chase those who fled to the surrounding areas and “conflicts will be going on in Qusayr”.

He said with the militants supply route being cut with the recent victory of the army, the foreign-backed armed groups are expected to suffer heavy consequences.

Syria has been struggling with a massive terrorist war which is supported by United States and its western and regional allies.

Syrian state television said that the Syrian troops also killed a large number of terrorists and captured other militants in the western town in Homs Province.

Syria has been gripped by unrest for more than two years. The foreign-sponsored militancy has taken its toll on the lives of many people, including large numbers of Syrian soldiers and security personnel.

Syria has been gripped by a deadly unrest since March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of government forces, have been killed in the violence.

Damascus says the chaos is being orchestrated from outside, and that the militants are supported by the West and its regional allies including Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.


2 thoughts on “Syrian forces Victory in re capturing the Strategic Town of Qusayr, A Major Blow to the US ,and Allied Pro Israel Arab States

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  2. This is good news, now all Assad has to do is get Iran off his back and rebuild his country. He has always struck me as being an honest and upright man and in any event his wife is English. Clearly Alawite is not a dangerous form Islam. We have Wahhabi Saudi to thank for this.

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