Atleast 30 Shia Men Martyred in Suicide Car Bombing and Target Killing in Iraq, Including 14 Iranian Pilgrims

Iranian Pilgrims Martyred in IraqJNN 08 June 2013 BAQUBA: A Suicide car bomb in a restive town north of  Iraq’s capital killed atleast 16 Iranian pilgrims on Friday, officials said, the latest in  a spike in violence that has sparked fears of all-out sectarian war.  
An official with Iran’s Hajj and Pilgrimage Organization told the semi-official Fars news agency that based on preliminary information, 16 Iranians had been killed and 44 wounded in the attack.

Meanwhile, officials said 30 pilgrims were wounded in the attack, which struck their bus as it was passing through the town of Muqdadiyah en route from the Iranian border to the Shiite holy city of Najaf , which is located about 90 kilometers north of Baghdad.

A medical official confirmed the causality figures. All officials spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorised to talk to reporters.

“When the buses passed, a white car driving very fast came out of an alley way and hit the second bus, and I saw that bus burst into flames,” said Ahmed Ferhan, an Iraqi man injured in the blasts.

Najaf, which lies south of Baghdad, is home to a shrine of First Imam of Shiite ,Hazrat Ali a.s  the Most revered figure in Shiite Islam.

Shiite Muslims visiting holy shrines and religious sites form the backbone of Iraq’s tourism industry, with the vast majority of pilgrims coming from Iran.

When completing a tour of Iraq’s key Shiite religious sites, pilgrims  typically visit Najaf, nearby Karbala, Baghdad, and Samarra, the latter of  which lies north of the capital.

But militants, including those linked to Al Qaeda, who are sponsored by Saudi and US , and follow the Saudi Wahabi Takfiri Ideology, which is bases on the one point agenda that any body who doesn’t agree with their view Point of Islam , is liable to murdered , and above all Shiite Community which is the Most accommodating and lenient in nature , and giving breathing space to all , and are against violence in Islam , are the most easy targets for these terrorists , and rather these Saudi Ideological sectarian US stooges are Blood thirsty of  Shiites and even have declared all Shiites as Infidels , and often target them for attacks. No group immediately claimed  responsibility for Friday’s bombing, however. Attacks in Iraq have risen sharply, with May the country’s deadliest month since 2008, as persistent political disputes have given fuel and room for  militants to increase their activities.

There has been a heightened level of violence since the beginning of the year, coinciding with rising discontent as the sectarianism is being fanned by these US and Saudi Sponsored terrorist network, and trying to enflame the Sunni Arab minority that erupted  into protests in late December.

Nearly 2,000 people have been killed in attacks in Iraq since April the Majority of whom are Shiites , which are being targeted by these terrorist Networks in the Shiite Majority areas , the highest toll in five years, in surging violence that could tip the country back into all-out inter-communal war.

The UN envoy to Iraq has warned that the violence is “ready to explode.”


On Wednesday, gunmen ambushed a bus carrying a group of travellers at a fake checkpoint at a remote desert site in western Iraq and killed at least 14 Shiites of them.

The gunmen, apparently looking for Shiites to kill, struck near the town of Nukhaib.

The assailants manning the fake highway checkpoint checked the identities of travellers, presumably to identify their sect based on their names, according to officials.

Police said they found blood-stained IDs on the ground identifying some of the dead as coming from Karbala, 100km south of Baghdad.

Tens of thousands of Shiite pilgrims thronged a shrine in Baghdad on Wednesday, the first day of the Shiite ritual mourning ceremony.

Security forces effectively shut down much of the Iraqi capital, closing off major roads and limiting what cars could be on the streets, to protect against attacks.

“The terrorists will not scare us,” said Khaled Naama, a 35-year-old day labourer from the southern city of Samawa.

“We will never stop, even if you continue your explosions and your murders,  because this is the path to paradise.”

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