Saudi Prince Kidnap, Rape , Murder & finally Dumps Saudi Girl’s Body on Street , and Escorts free in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Prince Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud & the Raped Girl BodyJNN 9 Jun 2013 Riyadh – Police in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia has confirmed the news that a girl had been raped and murdered by a Saudi prince Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud .

The Incident  was another loop in a chain of moral and ethical mis deeds on Saudi corrupt princes and their crime against Saudi citizens.

The story began when the witnesses in Samer, a Jeddah suburb, saw that a 25-year old girl was dropped out of a GMC automobile and the car drives away, evening May 30. People witnessing the event immediately wrapped the girl in a blanket and contact the police.

After police arrived, preliminary investigation indicated that the girl had died. GMC plate number fed into the automobile surveillance system of traffic police and it revealed that it belonged to a Saudi prince.

Then, extensive investigation was launched, with the initial result that the prince was no other person than Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud, who, met the girl in Wednesday evening in famous Al-Tuhayat shopping mall. The girl defied the prince.

Then, the girl was kidnapped by complicity of Tariq al-Maqrebi, an associate of the prince’s, and transferred to an unknown place, where she was sexually harassed.

The girl’s attempt to escape led to physical grapple between them, and finally to death of the girl. Saudi prince stripped the girl and dropped her out of his car.

This is not the first incident in Saudi Arabia and neither the Last , but due to the Press censorship and Ban on the Human Rights Associations in the Land the Wahabi Monarchs such news are forbidden and are rarely in the local Media , Only the Free Social and the Independent Media gives coverage to such Mis Deeds of these Canibals

These Wahani Monarchs who are defacing Islam and are trying to claim the Leadership of the Muslim World , But actually are leading the Pro Israel Zionist Lobby of the Arab Dictators , who happen to be the Rulers of the Muslim Majority Nations , as they were Infested by the Earlier British and the Western Empires , as these British and the Western Rulers have to leave these Nations due to the Uproar in the Muslim World ,So they handed over their rule to the Most Corrupt Persons , who were ready to do any thing for their Masters , which they have Proved till Now as they have Looted the Wealth of these Nations and at Present They Are giving a Bad Name to the Muslims by on one side creating Mercenaries in the Name of Jihadi who are Beheading none other than the Muslims around the World and  , and on the other Hand  These Monarch are fanning sectarianism and are perfect example of Injutice , as the People of these Nation suffers , while they enjoy all the Luxuries at the cost of the Citizens of these Nations , who are Living Below the Proverty line .

The Rape Victim Body of the Saudi Prince Khalid bin Sa’ad bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud

74 thoughts on “Saudi Prince Kidnap, Rape , Murder & finally Dumps Saudi Girl’s Body on Street , and Escorts free in Saudi Arabia

  1. Nothing new , an event of daily occurances . This the inbuilt nature of these progeny of jews who are the core centre of Terrorism , sexual sins, murders, sodomies , deciets and all kinds of crimes on earth while they were supposed to be the cradle of peace , calm and tranquility on the surface of the earth being in the closest proximity of the holiest of all holy places .

    • Jews? It’s was a Saudi prince you blithering idiot. You people behave like animals toward your women and you blame the Jews? You have her blood on your hands, not the Jew!

      • Son of a p– without brains , You don’t know the history of this Saudy dynasty , what I was reffering to is the lineage of these Saudi princes which goes back to the first saud who was a jew , impersonated as an arab , befriended an Arab , killed the entire family at first apportunity , extended his influence , expanded to a full kingdom and these are aal e saud who rule the saudi arabia today .

    • Zaheer, what an irresponsible thing to say. You think sin is unique to non-muslims? Even IF that is the history of the Saudi kingdom that in NO WAY is the reasoning for such behavior. There were fathers and sons of prophets who denied monotheistic faith but that didn’t make those prophets any less righteous.

      By your statement you have increased the barrage of insults on Islam. This is simply a case of bad people doing bad things which is a trait that is not unique to ANY faith, ethnicity, or gender as we see such brutality happen all too often here at home in the United States.

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    • Rape is at the very heart of Islam. At Bani Mustaliq, the Prophet Mohammad fully advocated for the rape of kafir women. In chapter 23 of the Holy Koran, captive women are proclaimed as lawful sexual objects. This is Islam.

      • Dear Reader ,

        It is good you have done a little research , but You are Misinterpreting the Islamic Law which sets the rules of War , as it was the Old tradition of War in those days that the conqueror , not only conquer the Land , but also takes the Woman and children of the enemy as there slaves , and as slaves are the Property of the Master , so the Master can use his Property , as per his wish and will , and that allows him to even do sex with the slave Women . But at the same time Islam has even given some rights to the slaves and have also given guidelines for the treatment of the slaves , as well .
        And if you go back in History The Romans who have also conquered vast lands , the Main Heartland of Christianity have made slaves the Women and children of the conquered Lands and while they used them with brutally , which Islam have prohibited and set a guideline for the treatment of even the slaves , for which if you want check out then do a little more research and find the life and History of the Salman Habashi ( Solomon African ) , who was even the Slave of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, and what he has narrated in the History about his treatment from the Holy Prophet that even after , he being released from the Slavery , doesnt wanted to Leave the Prophet Muhammad PBUH , while at the same time embraced Islam , and even died as a Muslim , and giving all his services to Islam.

      • In a religion there is no slaves. Everyone is precious in the eye of god. Who gave you the right to say the word slave and the masters have got the right to do what he wants even it means sex. Utter rubbish.Your body is your own and no one I repeat no one has got the right to misuse it. Do you know what is the meaning of rape?. It’s your body being taken control by someone else and it is outrageous.


      • brian you did’t now about Islam well in britan and usa women are only girl friends what is the count of wife’s in your beloved nation Islam gave women respect and in Islam rape is condemd or it happen with a muslim or any other religion women .What did Presdent of USA clinton done with Monica you dont remeber it may be

      • Rape is at the heart of most religions because abuse of power is at the core of it not the faith. By your reckoning all Christians must be child molesters and rapists too as many a Bishop has been caught doing it ! What logic you suffer from. Rape is a crime and abuse of power is a bigger crime whatever the faith and religion of the people concerned. Everytime a crime happens in other parts of the world people don’t jump up and down and say its the fault of the faith they follow. The issue is a human condition of abuse and stop trying to fan religious hate out of a crime to suit your own agenda.

    • And what do people like you do against these crimes, since you say it’s a peaceful religion? Criminals you say, yes they are criminals but you can not argue and say it is not in the name of islam they are spreading the terror!

    • perhabs you hav right, but why people let get manipulated by that easy ways, all humans hav brain, so if we belive in mad people than we are also mad and there is only madness around us… but that’s our chioce.
      “every one hav demon inside, even i they dont belive in their existance, lern how to defend yourself from them “

    • Sadly, there are too many radicals in Islam who are discrediting people like you in the west. Islam, like all religions, has been twisted away from the will of God. Things like this are the result. Hold fast to God, and pray you are not gathered up with the radicals at the end.

  4. Islam doesn’t teach these crimes. Islam doesn’t approve any crimes. Those criminals do crimes because they are mean and evil by them self. not because Islam. They doesn’t obey Islam rules and taught. Real Muslims that truly obedient to the Islam wouldn’t do bad things. So please people, don’t blame the religion..just blame the criminals.

      • Dear Mr Asif this is not way to make happy to some one make abusive language against islam and muslims you only creating uncertenty between two religion , you also sindhi muslim keep look at your heart that , these comments coming from the soile from Shah , Sachal and Sami , you know well they not teach us as you talking , please think about that we belonging the land of sufi isam and our elders ever separeding peace allover the world , the rape and murder only commited by ill will nature of a saudi prince not whole muslims , i also demanding from saudi Govt that must give him panish death .

  5. Why Jews? Why you Muslims blame jews of the crimes you commit? I am muslim and do not believe the jews are always wrong. Jew did this , Jew did that.. And I ask what YOU DID? Forgive me if you can, and if not I don’t care, but let me say that I dont see any thing human in you Muslims. Your contribution to humanity is this:crimes and crimes.

  6. For this crime particularly done by Saudi Monarchs aka Muslim Jews. No offence. Why butthurt and blame all other Muslims for pointing this out to others? Jews Monarch on Muslim Holy Land Mecca. What were you thinking? You Jews? Pretending not? You sound like Jews. Butthurt Jews.

  7. is this even true? this is a lie fabricated by the shiite, who are the true allie of the yahud and the nasara of the western world, just look at what happened in iraq and afghanistan the american left a shiite to rule over a majority sunni muslim nation, the shiite is killing the people of iraq, and they are also helping the regime of bashar al assad killing thousands of sunni muslim in syria. the wrath of Allah to the shiite!

    • Dear Reader ,

      Please check your sources and get Updated that Afghanistan and Syria , both are Sunni Majority States ,and the terrorist Promoting Sectarianism and Terrorism are Neither Sunni or Shia But a Cult of Wahabi Terrorist who are sponsored by the Saudi Monarchy, and to further authenticate Check the Scenario in Egypt also , where is the same Sunni Majority , and the Shia are in a Very thin Minority , but the Killing is again Being sponsored by the Saudi Regime, which they even claim them selves.
      So as said there is no Sunni or Shia Rift or Sectarianism in the Whole Region , it is just the Saudi Wahabi Cult , which is fanning sectarianism and Terrorism , so they can rule the Musim World for atleast 100 Years. But that looks so much like they have very little time left , and it is just a Matter of couple of Years , when they ll be desperately looking for a Home , and NOBODY will be willing to give assylum to them in their country.

  8. verguenza da esto, asco dan estos psicopatas! deberian juzgarlo como un criminal comun. Una pena lo que le paso a la Chica. En argentina, en salta, sigue sin haber justicia para las Francesas asesinadas, ocultan tambien a los asesinos miembros de la elite salteña.

    this gives shame, disgust give these psychos! should judge him as a common criminal. A shame what happened to the girl. In Argentina, in Salta, still no justice for murdered French, hide also to members of the elite murderers Salta.

    • Moslem men are disgusting and their women are not much better when they stand by and watch their 4 to 12 years old daughters being “circumcised” for want of a better word….
      I saw a video of a father holding his 12 year old daughter on his lap with her legs spread wide open while a man cut her clitoris off……
      Animals would not do this to their young……

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  11. Muslim men are going to hell for their evil crimes against women and children, and thank the God of the Bible for that, and Jesus Christ His Son. Jesus, King of Jews and Christians.

    • Yianna Sawa… its not your fault……….. bcs u r still illiterate about Islam and dont have even complete knowledge about your own religion…

      so its useless to talk with you till you get complete information about ur own religion and about Islam….

  12. Historically Islam was associated with violence, I am not saying Christianity, Buddhism and Judaism are practiced by saints but none of the two religion instruct their people on spreading the “Word” by “all means necessary”.
    None of the other religion teaches that ” two religions cannot meet in the Arab peninsula”
    None of the other religions imposes a safety fee (exact meaning of “Jizya”) on other citizens simply cause they are non-Muslims
    None of the other religions color coded the dresses of the non believers (at least not in the 21st century)
    None of the other religions calls for the beheading of those who voice a different opinion or change their mind and decide to leave the religion (maybe Scientology does)
    In short, Islam was built on violence and for those who say that it is a religion of peace, please read and SEE a little more.
    If a Jew becomes a fanatic he will become a rabbi who prays, reads and studies daily, he would preach repent and moral values.
    If a christian becomes a fanatic, he will sell all he has and join a covenant where he will pray for the rest of his days preaching love and equality
    if a Buddhist becomes a fanatic he will dispose of his close and walk the street or live in a covenant seeking enlightenment
    if a Muslim becomes a fanatic, he turns into a Cheikh calling for mass murders.

    • Dear Reader ,
      Please Read our Earlier Replies to our respected Readers as they are self explanatory ,
      that NO RELIGION teaches Violence , but as said earlier the Misinterpretations of the Religion , by its followers Indict violence in the Religions as the Fanatic and Extremist Christian Crusaders did in the Past through out the Europe , and filled the streets with Blood and flesh , Which is a Recorded Part of the History ,
      While the Budhist Monks which also preaches Non violence are Killing & Burning the Properties of Muslims in Myanmar at Present , and the same Extremist and as you call them fanatics are not selling every thing , while living the Most Luxurious life , as some of them even own their Private Jets and Extremely Lavish Villas in the Western Countries ,
      While the third and the last the Fanatic Jews Commonly known as Zionist , who usurped the Palestinian Land , and on Daily Basis Killing the Palestinians and have Blocked the GAZA and the Palestinians , where infants and Patients are dying due to the Non availability of the Medicine and the essential Items , which is even Recorded By the UNITED NATIONS as the Zionist state of Israel , have Never accepted the UN Charters and Demands , and have always disregarded them , who have Bombarded Unprovoked Egypt , Jordan , Lebanon and till today fire Missiles at the Unarmed Peaceful Palestinians .
      So Please do Justice ,when you want to comment Your foes even , as the best way is to have the complete Knowledge of both the sides ,and then Pass your Judgement so Justice could be done , and Your comments or Judgement should not be biased.

    • Yianna Sawa, don’t comment if don’t know nothing, your speech shows the hate against muslims. almighty allah forgive me for the word i’m using(you have very ugly face, you p—.)

  13. The WORST thing in the world is the ISLAM…..and dont even think about travelling in such a country….they rape, murder, behead everything what they dont like…so i say….—- THE ISLAM!

    • Dear Reader
      God has Gifted the Mankind with 3 Religions , which are Judasim, Christianity , and the finally Islam , while all the other are Mythology , which you can yourself check from Greek Mythology to Hindu Mythology , and to add more to it If you deeply study , non of the Religion Gifted By the Great God Allah , teaches Rape , Murder , Terrorism , but As the Earlier Religions sent and gifted to the Mankind through Moses , David , Jesus were Misinterpreted by their followers , So finally The HOLY PROPHET Muhammad PBUH , was sent with the final and the Ultimate Version of the God’s Constitution for the Mankind commonly known as “ISLAM” , and with an extra Protection for the final Testement and the Ultimate Religion for the Mankind , A set of People were also chosen by the God who were the Custodians of this Religion , so It should not be Misinterpreted by the followers after the Death of the HOLY PROPHET as it was done with the earlier Religions , So the 14 Infallible ( 14 Masoomeen ) were also sent , who did the Best and so the Islam is still found in its Purest Form , as Islam was also attacked even in the life of HOLY Prophet and even after the Death of the Prophet it was Misinterpreted , and different sects were created with their own Interpretation , while it is narrated in the HOly Book “Quran” that even Some People in the closest Company of the Prophet Muhammad are not faithful to Islam , and are their for their Personal Benefits and actually they are the worst enemies of Islam , And till this day Their are certain Groups , who claim to be Muslims , but their Practices are against the teaching of Islam , and they Misinterpretate Islams , and this war within the followers of Islam has been going since its inception, and will Carry on till the Re emergence of the Last of the Infaliable , The 12th Imam Mehdi AJTF , whom every Muslim belief ,as he ll be the one to Rule this World with Pure Justice and with the Real Islam , and every One of the Mankind Present at that time will be the Witness to it.

      • God did not give any religions, all religion is man made to divide and control people and just look at the diversion between you all on this thread…if you had any sense you would forget religion and throw away your religious MAN MADE books and just simply believe in God and do Good things for your fellow man. As for the jews who control everything..they are not jews, they are in fact khazarian (Turks) they have taken the jew name to hide behind,they are zionist and have control of all our western governments and they are playing us all off against each other using race and religion…WAKE UP and unite peacefully and take them out of power then we can all live in peace.

  14. We know that Rules & law of Islamic Sriah is equal for all in Saudi Arabia, But they are being One eyed man for their people, A Soudian Can be done all prohibited task by neglecting Saudian Rules, Government try to forgive them as a saudian not for other citizens. I hope they will be humble, modest & will follow the Islamic rules Depending on Allah.

  15. Come on people. Every country and every religion have pigs like this. Just because the assailant/rapist/murderers carry a Muslim name don’t get Islam into your arguments.

  16. Just to give you a heads up on Hinduism….There is no religion called Hindu, it was invaders-Muslims, British,Mughals etc who coined the word Hindu for people who were living across the Indus river. The name of the religion is Sanathan Dharam(Dharam is religion). Muslims/Islams did not appear from Mars/Jupiter, there were the banished souls who were once Hindus…banished for the same act which continues till date ( rape, kidnapping etc..).I think you should research your past properly….Ancient Islam did follow Idol worship & it was only after the advent of Prophet Mohammed(PBUH), that Idol worship was banned or abolished. Enough evidences,archaeological artifacts are available top prove the same.

    It is a different story that followers of Islam will never accept it, never the less truth prevails.

    To conclude, in today’s society all this barbaric incidents are happening all over the world whether it is in Hindu, Christian,Muslim, Jew..some places it is extreme, some places it is not so.The best way is to condemn & punish these rogues in whichever society they live in…Religion has nothing to do with individual behavior is what I feel.

  17. All religions are political organizations founded on the principles of exploitation of one’s own and hatred of the other. Religions have nothing to do with god, godliness or even morality. Shun religion for world peace and for lasting peace inside yourselves…

  18. People keep insisting Islam is a peaceful religion but when I read their holy book many years ago I saw three statements that scared me…the only one I remember is where it says to do business with the Infidels but cut their throat when the time comes…I recall being equally disturbed by the other two statements but the details I don’t recall. Their Prophet was not peaceful…either convert or lose your head…that was the “Peace” offered.

  19. Let alone all Jews are blamed for, now a Saudi Prince is blamed for murder n rape, and he becomes a Jew, Islam is therefore absolved. This is downright hilarious. Kinda like an Arab joke.

  20. Muslim Semites are running the most primitive of Semitic codes of violence, blood, and tribal loyalty for thousands of years. An ingrained hatred of the Aryan whether Islamic or not, viz-a-viz Islamic Iran and Islamic Arabia. The recent attacks in Kenya are a Negro-Semitic Al-Shabab attack on a pure Negro blooded Kenya. The creation of Southern Sudan into a pure Negro state from Northern Semitic Sudan is a clear example, as we saw the Genocide initiated by the Arab Semitic-Negroes or the “Janjawi” of the North backed by Khartoum. The Semitic programming as we see in Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan creates an implacable hatred for non-Semites, as we see the Pushtun dislike for the Islamic Aryan Tajiks, or the Islamic Mongol Hazaras. The situation in Kashmir is a paradox, as the weak Semitic Kashmiri will never accept Hindu Aryan overlordship. The Semitic race does not know how to bow its stiff neck except to a blade. Notice even the recalcitrant behavior of a slightly more “civilized” or polished Semite, the Jew. The Semite is the only competition to the Aryan race on this planet, and the pure and mixed Mongol or Negro races can safely be discounted as non-threatening. The clever Jew will slowly realize that the Arab Semite is the most powerful of allies that it will ever have, it’s less evolved, or barbaric cousin.

  21. Its a disgusting crime but what has religion got to do with the crime for anyone. Just because a Catholic priest abuses a young child we don’t blame all Christians and more then it is the fault of muslims. Leave the religion out of it and treat the crime for what it is an abuse of power

  22. instead of saying whom is guilty, or say religion does not teach it, why Muslims simply do nothing to change this whole situation? what we see in the Muslim world today :

    armed conflicts ,child soldiers, child marriage, child abuse, forced marriages, rape in large scale, wars, the sale of children, high rates of illiteracy, Muslims attacking each other, poverty and political corruption, many sects, bomb attacks, Muslims being expelled from their own homes by Zionists, death death, many women in prostitution, Muslims persecuted worldwide, group of guerrillas who attack their own people, while gleefully parading its genocides.. Muslim women treated as inferior beings, abusive Shariah laws …………..

    and remember that according to most Muslims, the problem with Islam are the “westernized Muslims”, “white feminists”, American Imperialism and not good ol’ moderates , conservatives and radical Muslims , until when?????????? wake up!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Soooo what’s going to happen to this abuser of his power? Nothing? Then I don’t want to hear about religion. All these side aguments – including the ones about religion when THE CRIME AGAINST THIS POOR WOMAN GOES UNPUNISHED. Until this criminal is either castrated or put into prison forget the religious side talk and talk about dealing out some justice for this victim, the VICTIM – THE ONE SOME SEEM TO BE CONVENIENTLY

  24. Most of you have wrong knowledge about Islam.. Islam is very peaceful religion, but unfortunately Muslims are not following it in the way it should be followed. That’s the reason of bad examples set! May Allah makes all of us to follow and understand right religion correctly, Ameen… 🙂

  25. wow in your face< the mad prince could have at least tried to hide to body dumping her in the street like he did shows the true FACE of these so called royals

    most all of them have no respect for human Life . I hope this girls family gets Justice in some way………………………

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  30. Horrible crimes are being committed all over the world, throughout the centuries. Today, people blame Islam for practically everything. If a plane crashes, it must be a Muslim terrorist act. If your neighbor’s name is Mohammed, you better move. Who wants to live next to a terrorist?? This kind of paranoia makes me so angry. Criminal people have been around forever, religious, or not religious. Sometimes, people are just screwed up and commit crimes. Because this man lives in SA, it makes it a Muslim crime? Then how do we call a murderer and rapist in The Netherlands? In Canada? It’s not religion that corrupts people, it’s human nature. The decisions we make in life. The choice to listen to our conscience or ignore it, be compassionate and empathic, or be led by selfishness and ego. Religion is supposed to bring out the good in people while honoring God, not be used as an excuse to rape, kill, bring misery or feel superior. Look at the Christian crusades, a perfect example of how religion was abused. We all should learn to have a little bit more respect for each other. If I read some of the above comments, I wonder why people think they have the right to call names and curse at others. Why can’t people have a discussion or a disagreement without foul language? I respect people and I respect other peoples’ beliefs. We were all created by the same God and we were all put here to make this a good place to live. From where I’m standing, we’re not doing a very good job. 😦

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