Houthis Protest the Killing of 10 Shia Houthi Protestors By Security Forces in Sanaa , Yemen

10 Houthi Protesters Killed By Security Forces , Sana , YemenJNN 11 June 2013 Sana : Thousands of Shia Zaidis demonstrated Monday in the Yemeni capital to protest the killing of 10 Shia Houthi Demonstrators and wounding of dozens of others in clashes with police during a protest the day before. Continue reading

Japanese Lady Embraces Islam’s Shia Sect By Research on the Internet

Japanese Woman Akiko Krvkava embraced Shia Islam on the Hands of Ayatullah Musavi ArdabeliJNN 11 June 2013 Tehran : “ I researched and studied different Religions , and finally decided to embrace Islam’s Shia Sect . And I feel very happy that I have the Honor to embrace Islam , and to recite the Solemn Oath of Islam that “ There is no God , but Only One God , and Prophet Muhammad PBUH is his Messenger “ in the presence of his eminence , who has the authority to lead , and has a large number of people who emulate him”. Continue reading