Japanese Lady Embraces Islam’s Shia Sect By Research on the Internet

Japanese Woman Akiko Krvkava embraced Shia Islam on the Hands of Ayatullah Musavi ArdabeliJNN 11 June 2013 Tehran : “ I researched and studied different Religions , and finally decided to embrace Islam’s Shia Sect . And I feel very happy that I have the Honor to embrace Islam , and to recite the Solemn Oath of Islam that “ There is no God , but Only One God , and Prophet Muhammad PBUH is his Messenger “ in the presence of his eminence , who has the authority to lead , and has a large number of people who emulate him”.

A Japanese Lady Named “ Akiko Krvkava ” who Used Internet to study and research for the True Religion , went in person to Ayatullah Moosvi Ardebeli and embraced Islam and with her free will and thorough Knowledge she has gained , she choose the Shia Sect of Islam to follow.

After embracing Islam she delightfully paid her respects to the Ayatullah Moosvi Ardebelli and thanked him for giving his time , and further added that it is my honour that I have embraced Islam on his hand , and in the Presence and guidance of His eminence , who has the authority to lead and thousand of People , who seek his guidance to explore the legalities and technicalities of Islam.

As per our correspondents report , the Japanese Lady told that she get inspired by Islam by studying and researching on the Internet , and with a help of one of her friends who helped her in guiding to find the true path of Life , who had her self embraced Islam’s Shia Sect about 15 years earlier in the guidance and on the hand of Ayatullah Moosvi Ardebeli .

She very delightfully told that “ Islam is a religion of purity and she said that I m sure that I Like Islam . And Believes in God and Likes to Pray to God .


3 thoughts on “Japanese Lady Embraces Islam’s Shia Sect By Research on the Internet

  1. Masha Allah , you chose the ASL- islam , the real Islam , and no one who studies & researches properly can have any other decision. It is the majority who are grossly deviated & disgusting.
    People who convert are the luckier lot as compared to those born in the fold , as they say , you start with an absolutely clean slate .

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