Protest and Anger after attacks on Muslim Women in Paris , France

French Muslims Protest over the Racist Attack on Muslim womenJNN 20 June 2013 Paris : Thousands of protesters gathered outside the town hall in Argenteuil near Paris on Friday of last week. They were enraged and upset after a series of racist attacks against Muslim women. Continue reading

Egyptian Wahabi Salafi’s enhancing Israeli relations , while Morsi abuses Shias Publicly to gain US favour

Egypt's Nour Party Election HoardingJNN 20 June 2013 Cairo : Even after the So Called Great Tahrir Square Revolution in Egypt , Nothing has changed as the Egyptian Government and the Salafi Wahabi Groups are still in the same court , as of Hosni Mubbarak , who was working in favour of the Zionist Lobby , and in the interest of the US and it allies, as the So called Egyptian Revolution , have only changed the faces from the scene , while the Ideology ,and the Mind set is the same as it was before the Tahrir Square Episode. Continue reading