Protest and Anger after attacks on Muslim Women in Paris , France

French Muslims Protest over the Racist Attack on Muslim womenJNN 20 June 2013 Paris : Thousands of protesters gathered outside the town hall in Argenteuil near Paris on Friday of last week. They were enraged and upset after a series of racist attacks against Muslim women.

Rabia, a young woman who wears the hijab, had been beaten by the fascists, but the mayor and police pressured her not to file a complaint. A second woman was violently arrested for wearing a niqab. People who defended her were also taken into custody.

The assaults went further last weekend when a pregnant woman wearing the hijab was beaten in the stomach. Her attacker also cut her hair. There are reports that she has since miscarried as a result of the beating

As per the details by our correspondent A pregnant Muslim woman has miscarried her baby after she was reportedly attacked in Paris for wearing a veil.

The unnamed 21-year-old was four months pregnant when she claims she was attacked by “skinheads” in the suburb of Argenteuil.

Her lawyer, Hosni Maati told AFP she had been kicked in the stomach and later miscarried.

A police source involved in the investigation said it was aware of the miscarriage, but did not confirm the attack was the cause of the woman losing her baby.

The woman blamed the attack on two “skinheads”, claiming the men “ripped the veil” from her head and tore part of her clothing, The Local reports.

France banned the wearing of burka or niqab type full-face veils in public in April 2011. It did not however forbid the wearing of the hijab headscarf.

The demonstration was the biggest expression of determination and action against Islamophobia in France for a long time. Groups of people were debating politics at a high level—it felt like a small Tahrir Square

We urgently need to build an anti-fascist and anti-racist movement that is clear against Islamophobia—and what is happening in Argenteuil is an example to follow.


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