4 Egyptian Shia Martyred by the Wahabi Mob near Cairo

Shiite Martyred By MobJNN 24 June 2013 CAIRO –  Four Egyptian Shiite Muslims were Martyred on Sunday when they were attacked by a hostile Salafi / Wahabi mob in a village in Giza province near the capital, police said.

A house where the minority Shiites were meeting in Abu Mussalam was surrounded by residents who told them to get out.

When they refused, a crowd of several hundred people stormed the building and killed four Shiites and wounded several others, police said.

Shiites, who form just one percent of Egypt’s population which is primarily Sunni Muslim, are often accused of being under the influence of Shiite-majority Iran.

Recent arrivals in Egypt of small groups of tourists from Iran had to be suspended following protests by hardline Salafists in the Arab world’s most populous nation.

As recently the attacks on the Shiites living in Egypt has increased , as the President Mursi has even given derogatory remarks by calling Shiite “ Najis ” ( Religiously Unclean or Dirty ) .

And at the same time the Salafist / Wahabi Egyptians are trying to fan sectarianism also in Egypt , to make their Masters Happy as the Zionist and the US have become friends with all the Anti Shia forces , while the Friends of Shiite are declared as their enemies , which may be Iran , Syria , Iraq or Russia.

So the New emerging World Order is Anti Shia and Pro Shia Forces around the World. Which  is being planned and devised by the Saudi US Alliance , to keep up their Hegemony in the World and especially in the Arab World. As they think if they don’t divide the Muslims and Do not fan sectarianism , then they could not hold the region for long , as the Citizens of the Arab World are restless , and are now on the verge of a true revolution, which will Wipe out the US and Western Implanted Dictatorships from the Region, and this is not acceptable to the US and West and neither to the Wahabi Arab Dictators. So the Sectarianism is being fanned with full throttle to counter the Insurgency and the Boiling Revolutions .

As these Boiling Revolutions were even sensed by the Western Intelligence agencies ,so fake revolutions were created to muster the force of the Youth and utilize their strength so become dishearted of the Revolution even , so a Mirage of Revolution was shown to them , and at the End of all their Own Western Agents were Implanted in these countries  . As it was done in Egypt , Morocco , Tunisia , and finally they tried to Play a Folly in Syria, to uproot the legitimate and Public supported Government , But have not succeeded , rather have been slapped on the face , as the terrorist infested by them have been hardly beaten , and now it is another story of some days that they will be cleansed totally from Syrian soil.

While the Original Revolutions which are Boiling in the countries like Bahrain , Yemen , Saudi Arabia , are Just on the verge of eruption, and as they know , so these Western and US Allies are trying to do so much terrorism before their eruption , and fan sectarianism , with which they think they can counter these revolutions and can save their complete wipe out from the wealthy and fertile Arab and the South Asian Region.

7 thoughts on “4 Egyptian Shia Martyred by the Wahabi Mob near Cairo

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