A Silent Coup in Qatar : Hammad Hands Over Power to his Son Tamim

Qatar crown Prince tamim bin Hammad al Thani takes the Gaurd of HonourJNN 27 June 2013 : On 25 June 2013, the ruler of Qatar, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani, was apparently  toppled . On the US orders  the ruler of Qatar for 18 years, has transferred the “reins of power” to his son.

 The outgoing emir made the announcement to hand over power to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, 33, in an address to the nation on Tuesday .

“I declare that I will hand over the reins of power to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, and I am fully certain that he is up to the responsibility, deserving the confidence, capable of shouldering the responsibility and fulfilling the mission,” Sheikh Hamad, 61, said.

Live television footage after the speech finished showed Sheikh Hamad and his son smiling widely, being greeted with traditional embraces by dignitaries and prominent members of the Qatari society.

It was done more or less in the same way as Sheikh Hamad overthrew his own father in a bloodless coup in 1995.

Sheikh Hamad had met royals a day earlier, where he announced the transition plans after weeks of speculation of his abdication.

As it is quite obvious that the Power transition was garlanded By the US , as the following facts make it quite , obvious that Nothing can be done in the Kingdom with out the Prior Approval or against the wish and will of the US.

As Qatar hosts the largest U.S. air base in the Middle East.

Expatriates, including Americans and Philippinos, form 85 per cent of the population of Qatar.

The Qatar Investment Authority owns Harrods, the US embassy site in London and Miramax Films.

Qatar is one of the few Arab states to have ties with Israel.

Sheikh Tamim has been groomed for the position since 2003, when his elder brother stepped aside.

In the speech, Sheikh Hamad also called on the people of Qatar to protect their identity.

Saudi Arabia was quick to offer congratulations to Sheikh Tamim, who is expected to address the Shura Council, an advisory assembly, on Wednesday in Doha.

The kingdom’s 90-year-old King Abdullah said: “We are confident that you will continue the journey of your father … and his efforts in serving the state of Qatar and its brotherly people as well as strengthening relations between the two nations.”

The UAE followed, with President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed al-Nahayan, 65, affirming the “deepness of the brotherly relations,” in a statement carried by state media.

It should also be noted that even after being loyal to the US and taking actions on all his orders Hammad has to leave the Monarchy , The Only Souvenir he earned after all this Loyalty , was that he was left alive , Like Hosni Mubarrak , Ali Abdullah Saleh, and Zain ul abideen while if anybody is mischievous and trying to go a little against the Interest or the wishes of US , has to be dethroned like Muammar Qaddafi , Saddam Hussain or Zia Ul Haq.

Sheikh Hamad has played a key role in supporting the terrorist Networks in Syria.

Sheikh Hamad helped NATO to wreck Libya.

Sheikh Hamad has helped to prop up President Morsi of Egypt. To Install another US Stooge replacing the Old One with a New Face.

Sheikh Tamim attended the expensive English private schools Sherborne and Harrow.

In 1998, he graduated from Sandhurst.

In April 2012, it was reported that the military in Qatar had attempted to topple Sheikh Hamad.

When Tamim was Incharge of the Miltary.

Sheikh Hamad took power in 1995 while his father was on an overseas trip.

Since then Qatar’s economy has grown significantly.

That growth came largely from natural gas; Qatar possesses some of the largest proven reserves in the world, but produced almost nothing before 1995.

He became the ruler of a country with an $8bn economy, a figure which grew to $174bn a decade and half later.


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