Shias Paying the Price , for Saving the True Religion of Nature – Islam

Stop Shia KillingJNN 03 July 2013 : From Cairo to Peshawar, Shias are under attack by Wahabi militants. The sectarian terrorism targeting Shias has left thousands dead. The rest of the world watches silently as Muslims self-destruct in sectarian wars.

Earlier on Sunday, a lynch mob near Cairo (Zawyat Abu Musalam), Egypt, murdered four Shias who had taken refuge in a house of a Shia Cleric Sh. Hassan Shehata  and were observing the Birthday of the Present Imam Mehdi AJTF . The mob dragged their corpses in the street as hundreds watched from the rooftops. In Iraq, a series of bombs continue to kill and maim Shias. In Pakistan, Wahabi militants attacked a mosque killing 15 Shias on June 21 in Peshawar . In Bahrain, the Saudi-backed regime continues to harass the Shia majority, which is demanding more political rights.

Across the globe, the Shia-Wahabi schism has taken a turn for the worst , as the Wahabi and the Western Powers want to convert it into Shia Sunni Conflict , as they are the Main Sects in Muslims. In Syria Again the Western Power with the help of Saudi Arabia are trying to Paint the terrorism by their World over recruited Mercenaries to pitch the Iran-backed Alawite regime against the Sunni majority, Egypt, Jordan, and other Gulf states. What may have started as an internal unrest in Syria has been largely Manipulated into a sectarian civil war, which threatens to plunge the billion-plus Muslims in a bloody sectarian warfare.

Sheikh Hassan Shehata, a prominent Shia scholar in Egypt, was attacked and killed in his house along with three others in Zawyat Abu Musalam. The mob numbering hundreds set the Sheikh’s house on fire. Initial medical reports suggest that Sheikh’s neck was cut with a sharp object while severe trauma was inflicted on his and others’ skulls. The grisly videos posted on the Internet show the mob, including several women, watching the brutal attack, but making no attempt to stop it.

The Muslim Brotherhood, the right-wing group that supports Egyptian President, Mohammed Morsi, has been pandering to the Wahabi Salafists to muster support against the Egyptian National Opposition, who have threatened massive street protests on June 30. The underhand dealings between the Egypt’s ruling party and the Salafists made it possible for the extremists to run a campaign of fear against Shias over the past two weeks that culminated with the murder of the Sheikh and his followers.

If it were not for the brave activist, Hazem Barakat, who tweeted the videos and his willingness to testify against those who orchestrated the lynching, the world would not have known of the brutality of these attacks.

The hitherto Complete Peace could not be attained in Iraq continues to add victims as suicide and car bombings by the the US Infested Terrorist continue to kill Shias. Earlier on Monday, a series of bomb blasts in and near Baghdad killed 42 people, which were mainly in Shiite Majority areas , Adding up more Shia Casualty . Since April 2013, more than 2,000 have perished in terrorism violence in Iraq. The blasts were staged strategically in Shia neighbourhoods in Baghdad.

In Pakistan, the terrorists have literally run over the country where they target Shias and other minorities at will. Even worse, the militants have started to target the judges who have heard cases against the militants. The bomb attack on the High Court judge, Maqbool Baqar, which left him with serious injuries while his driver and eight others in his security details died, is a clear message from the terrorists that they have no interest in respecting the State or its institutions. As they have even publicly announced that don’t accept the writ of the State and are working on Anti State agenda.

The Taliban spokesperson while speaking to the media revealed that they targeted Justice Baqar for his “anti-Taliban and anti-mujahideen decisions.”

Earlier in the week, armed men dressed as paramilitary police in a remote mountainous area in Pakistan attacked a hotel killing nine foreign tourists. The Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan took responsibility for the attack, which they claimed was in retaliation to a drone strike that killed their Second in Command , Waliur Rahman.

The attack on the tourists in Gilgit-Baltistan was eerily similar to the attacks on Shias in the past in the same part of Pakistan. In August 2012, armed men wearing paramilitary fatigues stopped three buses near Mansehra and killed 20 Shias after identifying them and removing them from the buses. It was the third such attack in six months.

The scale of violence in Syria, however, has crossed all thresholds. The UN is reporting over 93,000 dead. For months, many saw the Syrian uprising as part of the Arab spring where democratic forces stood up against decades of dictatorship. This is no longer the case in Syria. The Bashar al-Assad regime’s violent crackdown against protesters in March 2011 has turned a political struggle into a civil war where foreign forces have joined in to add to the misery. The Assad regime is receiving support from Iran and Lebanese Hizbullah. The Shia support for the Alawite regime has irked many Wahabii Arab Monarchs and Leaders who have funneled billions of dollars to the Syrian terrorists.

Like Iraq, Syria has also been dragged into a sectarian warfare where even the Shia Population is not more than 1% , but the terrorist Killing People and destructing the Holy Shrines of the sacred revered Muslim to paint the Picture as of Sectarian Nature , while the Plan of the US and the West is of re drawing the Map of the Muslim World . As there in Syria , Pakistan or the Other such countries is that , there is no retaliation from the Shia Sect , as there is No Sunni Killing  or any such Organisation which is on the sectarian Basis , Killing the Brotherly Sunni Population , Like the Al Nusra Front , Lashkar e Jhangvi , Tehrik e Taliban or similar Terrorist Organisations.

The real tragedy of Iraq, Syria, Bahrain, and Pakistan is that the Western and Saudi’s are fanning the Minor disagreements Between the Shia and Sunni Muslim Sects in Major conflicts and trying to plunge the Muslim world back into sectarian conflict.

The Efforts have already been started to Bring the Terrorist in the Main Stream Politics ,as the US has already made arrangements to have the so called Negotiations with the Afghan Taliban , who have done a Hell lot of Terrorism over the Past Decades and now , as per Plan they will be sharing the Political and Administrative Powers in the Afghan Government , while it is not far away as , if the US and their Allied Saudi’s Gets a chance they ll also induct the other Terrorist Organisations like Al Qaeda and their Local franchises around the world to be Part of the Political and Administrative Institutions of the respective Countries , while these Terrorist Organisations , which are Takfiri’s have been based on the Ideology , of Killing their Opponents , and all who don’t agree with their version of Islam they Propogate .

So in the Present Scenario It is likely that after some agreements, the al Qaeda and the Taliban may stop their violent campaign against western targets as per their Planned strategy . But It is, however, very likely that the slaughter of Shias will continue across the globe for decades at the hands of terrorists.

It is very evident from such scenario that the Shias of the world have to make a comprehensive Policy and a lay out network to counter these terrorist Organisation working against them , and Killing them In the name of Islam .

As it is even the Part of their Basic Believes that they have to be ready to Join the Army of the Present Imam Mehdi AJTF , as when he come out of occultation  , they can Join His army , who will eliminate all the evil forces of the World and will Rule whole of the World with Justice , and sets an example that the world can be ruled with Justice .

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