Is The Cost of Migration to the US & Western Countries Worth it ?

Miramonte Elementar7JNN 06 July 2013 : The Glamour of the Western and American Society is so much Portrayed by the Foreign so called Free Media that the People in the Third World Countries Like India , Pakistan , and even other Muslim Countries are so much fancied by the idea of Immigration to the US and Western Land , that they are ready to sacrifice any thing rather every thing to have Immigration of these  countries .

And the Common reason given by these Majority of these Imigrants is that they are Migrating to these Land in search of the Good Future of their Kids , and to give their children better Education , while the Education is even free in Public Schools , without examining and get the complete Knowledge of the Social Structure and the Pros and Cons of the same Education Standard for which they have given sacrifice of their Motherland , their Social , Cultural and Religious Values.

While in these free Public Schools , which have Better buildings and services off course , but as they give space for every child , So No Matter , if he is a Criminals Child , Or as he is an illegitimate Child of Somebody , whose Mother even doesn’t know , who was his father , or the Child himself is a Criminal , as Drugs and Consensual Sex is a common Practice in these Public Schools . And Plus with this Environment , with Most of the Parents , who have not studied in these schools are not aware of these Happenings , and by the time they come to know it is too late to retreat.

As the Consensual Adult Sex is not considered as a Sin in these Societies , However even there Underage and forced Sex is Prohibited , and is a Criminal Act. And is Dealt very strongly by the Law Enforcement Agencies, But still the frustration and Depression in the Society , and the Nudity , and over exposure has taken the Adults to a verge of No Return , and the Social Structure has been torn upto such limit that the teachers are Not Even Trust Worthy.

And Just for the Reference The Below case is Reported of the same Nature , and some other cases of Sex Crimes by the Teachers with the Students are being Reported that the Muslims of the Third World , should better think Twice Before Planning and taking a Decision of Migration to US or the Western World .

As it may look very appealing to Migrate to these lands , But if its for the betterment of the Young Generations , then the chances of Detouriation  in Religious and Social Aspects are very High , while if Only Degrees are to be sought then it should also be noted that the Education even in these Countries is free till the High School Level , and the cost of the Professional Degrees is Unexpectedly High .  All the Universities Fee Structure is so High that Majority of the Americans and the Europeans are a Drop out at the University Level , as they even can not afford to pay the Fees , So they better start their Jobs in some field , and if they have to study then they have to work for years to afford to pay their University Fees.

School Teacher Student Sex Crime Cases :

A former sixth-grade teacher at a Simi Valley, Calif., elementary school turned herself in to police Tuesday after being accused of committing sex crimes on a student under the age of 14.

Malia Brooks, 32, was booked on suspicion of five sex-related counts. Authorities would not divulge the age of the victim or whether he was a student in Brook’s class, although NBC Los Angeles reported that he was a student at the school, which serves children in kindergarten through sixth grade.

Officials said the relationship began in late 2012 and lasted four months, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Investigation of Brooks began in February 2013, after Simi Valley Unified School District officials learned of alleged inappropriate conduct between the teacher and a student. Brooks was placed on administrative leave during the investigation, and resigned June 5.

In court Wednesday, Brooks pleaded not guilty to charges of lewd acts on a child, oral copulation of a person under 14 years of age and three counts of genital penetration by a foreign object, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Update: June 17, 12:00 p.m. — KABC reports that Brooks changed her plea from not guilty to guilty following her arraignment Wednesday. Brooks’ attorney said he will present evidence of his client’s mental state when she appears in court for sentencing Aug. 23.

Brooks’ attorney said his client suffers from mental illness.

“We’ve had her diagnosed and she’s in treatment,” Bamieh told NBC Los Angeles. “My guess is a lot of the charges precipitated from that illness.”

According to KTLA, Brooks, who had worked at the school district since 2004, was once married with two children, but is now divorced.

In a statement obtained Wednesday by NBC, school district Superintendent Kathy Scroggin said that Brooks had “been evaluated until now as an exemplary teacher” and reassured parents that “the district has taken every precaution to ensure the safety of students.”

A Recent Survey Reveals the Upsurge in the Teacher Student Sex Crime Cases Stated Briefly as follows :

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2 thoughts on “Is The Cost of Migration to the US & Western Countries Worth it ?

  1. People migrate because they look to opportunity either Work, Employment, Education., New inventions, etc. It also benefits the importing country who get to know new cultures. Chinnese,Indians and others . As far as Islam is concerned it is far more tolerant in the west. Why?

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