The Holy Month of Ramzan 1434 Hijri , starts across the World

Ramzan KareemJNN 11 July 2013 Karachi : The moon that marks the beginning of Ramazan has been sighted all over Pakistan, and India reported JNN. The first fast of the month will be observed on Thursday, July 11, 2013.

In the US, The Fiqh Council Of North America, an association of Muslims who interpret Islamic law and which is affiliated with the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), has declared Tuesday as the first day of the holy month Ramadan.

Muslim leaders in northern Paris, Middle Eastern countries, including Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, said on Monday that they would wait till Wednesday to begin the fast as they failed to sight the new moon by traditional direct observation, Reuters reported.

Islam insist on the local physical sighting of the moon to mark the beginning of Every Lunar Islamic Month , but some use the calculated time of the new moon

Office of Ayatollah Al-Sistani announces Wednesday (10 July) to be first day of Ramadan in Islamic, Arab and African countries as well as in America and Australia.

The office of Grand Ayatollah Sayyed Al-Sistani in Najaf communicated to all believers that investigation on the month of Ramadan moon sighting was done after sunset on Thursday (09 July) and Wednesday (10 July) to be first day of Ramadan in the Islamic, Arab and African countries and also in America and Australia.

The office also announced Thursday the first of Ramadan for European Countries.

The Egyptian Muslim Clerics have fixed the Calendar as per the Astronomical Reading and there Lunar Muslim Calendar is not based on the Physical sighting of the Moon , from Naked Eye to start every Month of the Muslim Lunar Calendar. As it is the Practice of the Majority of the Sects of Muslims around the world.

The ninth lunar Islamic month is considered the most sacred month of the Islamic calendar, because it was when the Holy book of Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammad.

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. The month is spent by Muslims fasting during the daylight hours from dawn to sunset.

Ramadan, During this Month, Muslims from across the world observe fast and abstain from eating and drinking water from dawn to dusk , and restrain themselves in doing any thing which is Prohibited in Islam , as it gives a chance to every Muslim , to Practise Islam in its Original form , while the Messenger of God , the Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH , has told that any good deed done specially in this month is rewarded Multiple times , by the All Mighty Allah .

Furthermore, Our Last Prophet Muhammad PBUH told that the gates of Heaven would be open all the month and the gates of Hell (Jahannam) would be closed.

It is believed that the practice of fasting and giving charity will bestow blessings upon each person.

Since the new moon is not in the same state at the same time globally, the beginning and ending dates of Every Lunar Islamic Month depend on what lunar sightings are received in each respective location. As a result, Ramadan dates vary in different countries, but usually only by a day. This is due to the cycle of the moon. The moon travels the same path all year round and when the moon is seen in the east, it is then seen traveling towards the west. All the countries around the world see the moon within a 24 hour period once spotted by one country in the east.

The holy month begins after the sighting of the new moon to the naked eye and lasts for 29 to 30 days after the begining of the month.

Ramandan ends on the 29th or the 30th day and concludes with Eid al-Fitr, the Day of Joy , as the Muslims feel as that they have whole heartedly Prayed to the Almighty God and thus in return have come more close to the teaching of the Islam , this will definitely lead in the shower of the Blessing of the Al Mighty Allah  , It marks the beginning of the next lunar month – Shawwal. Eid al-Fitr is one of the most important Islamic celebrations in the world.

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