US Congressmen Letter sent to PM Nawaz Shariff condemning Shia Genocide , should also show some Actions of Condemnation of Takfiri Wahabi Terrorists

US Congres Men condemn Shia Genocide In PakistanJNN 14 July 2013 Karachi : We highly appreciate the Letter sent by the Bi Partisan members of United States Congress addressed to the newly elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. The letter which condemns Shia Genocide in Pakistan by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists (operating as Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan , Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ , Lashkar-e-Jhangvin and their allied Groups and Cells ). The letter quotes human rights groups documenting incidents of anti-Shia violence in Pakistan.

But at the same time the Shia Population of Pakistan and the rest of the  World would definitely  Like to see , if these Respected Senators , should also raise their voice at their Domestic Front also , as US Policies which effects the whole World and which are made By these People , who are elected as the Public Representatives and  the US Congressmen should also re evaluate their Policy of sponsoring and backing the Takfiri Wahabi / Salafi  Groups , which are Ideologically Terrorists , as Killing and Looting , is Part of their Religion, while the True Message of Islam is against Killing and Terrorism , and it is a Religion of Peace and Tranquility , and the History of the World , and its experience of Dealing with the Shia Population and its Top Religious Leadership has even Proved it as even in the Worst of times , through which the shia Population has gone through  , they have never issued any degree of Revenge , which may be terrorism or even Jihad .

So as if Just issuing condemnation Letters and Remarks , and asking the Pakistani PM to do some thing , will be Just Cosmetic , Because the menace of the Takfiri Terrorism has grown out of reach , and which is in tolerable for the Shia Community , and thus as a Resultant there is a Hell lot of resentment found among the Shia Population against the US & Saudi Policies , who are Backing the Takfiri Ideology , as even mentioned by the Previous Foreign Secretary , Hilary Clinton in his address to the House of Representatives  , that it was our Mistake to sponsor the Saudi Wahabi Ideology , But again , nothing has been done till yet to do corrections , to rectify the Past Mistakes , as admitted on the Floor of the House By the person Incharge .

As even it is widely perceived and the facts and figures even indicate that the PM Nawaz Shariff , has been able to come to Power , with the Blessings of Saudi and US Joint Blessings , so it looks very hard for him that he may have the courage to go against the Policies of the People who brought him to Power .

And it is due to these facts that even the Great works done by the US Government , which may have favored the Shia Nation , have been over ruled by the Shia Population , whether it is the Over Throw of the Saddam Hussain’s Dictatorship or some other Great works , but due to their sponsorship of Anti shia Groups world over which are Not only ideologically against the Shia Sect of Islam , But even Brutally Killing them , which has created an Uproar in the Shia Population of the World against Such Takfiri Wahabi / Salafi Groups , and the Moment they are told that these Terrorist Groups are being sponsored by their Ideological Masters Saudi Monarchy and their Professional sponsors US Establishment , then there is a Lot of resentment against their sponsors , as their Sponsorship is Killing their Loved Ones , and even Pushing them against the Wall .

And this resentment and Hatred for the US and Saudi Sponsorship of Takfiri Wahabi / Salafi Terrorst Groups is not only in the Shia Population , but even the others sects of Islam and every Peace Loving Person of this World , as a result the US is losing its image of being liberal and House of Peace , and in this ever changing  world the Russian who were Known to be Brutal and atheist are once again getting a foot hold , By wiping the tears of the Weak and supporting the victims of Injustice .

Under the Present Scenario , The US which is sponsoring the Terrorist Organisations like Taliban and their allied groups , is losing its Public support on a huge scale , firstly All the victims of these Taliban related Terrorist Organisation , which includes the Shia community also and secondly the Large Population of Neutral Public , who Knows what is going on , but don’t say any thing Out of danger of Persecution , but deep in their Heart and Home they are telling their loved Ones that Be aware , as One day You might also be a victim of this terrorism , So Do not support  the sponsors of terrorism and InJustice . As even said by Our First Imam Hazarat Ali “ That the World can be ruled by Infidelity , but can not be ruled by InJustice .”

So the US Government and the People responsible for taking the Decisions should take some Positive steps , to rectify their ever deteoriating Image in the World , as if they Don’t think now , then after Some time , if they even want to Make up for their faults , then it will be too late , and some body else will be Called  the Super Power of the World , while US will be Only a Part of the History.

As creating Hatred among the Hearts of the People , can only win Misery and loss of respect and this will be in line with the examples set by History , As Once the Indestructible  Great Empires whether the  Roman Empire , the Pharaohs, The Abbasi and Ummayad Caliphate , they all fall down due to the Hatred among the people of the World ,

” As it is Possible to live with enemies , but it is not Possible to live With out Friends in this World.”

Note : As the Organization deems its necessary to Highlight the Working of our Brethren who have worked Hard to High light the Misery and the Suffering of the Shia Community in Pakistan to the World , so the following text is added to the Original News item. 

The Shia Community of Pakistan is honoured to have its Bretheren Living thousand of Miles awary in the Foreign Lands , but whose Heart and Soul are always attached to their families and friends back in their Homeland , and as a Community they are never away , and always working and thinking for the Benefit and Safety of their Loved Ones , as they are even never forgotten , back home and they are always remembered in the Prayers , for their Prosperity and well being , and for their courage to Uphold their Religious and Social Values in a land where it is an Uphill task to contain themselves and their families in the boundaries defined by Our Religion .

This letter Writtten by the US Congressmen is the direct result of meetings held with members of Congress both in Washington, DC, and across districts by representatives of Souls March over recent months to draw attention to the rise of targeted anti-Shia violence in Pakistan.  “This bi-partisan letter not only is a strong statement against the violence in Pakistan but also showcases American Shia Muslim grassroots advocacy that UMAA Advocacy is happy to be a part of,” said Rahat Husain, Director of Maryland based UMAA Advocacy.

“Addressing the increased anti-Shia violence in Pakistan is not just an issue important to those here in Chicago, but across the country”, said Maulana Saiyed Mehboob Mehdi Abidi Al Najafi of IEC Husaini Chicago.

“Various organizations in Houston are working together to address this pressing concern,” said Mohammad Hosain, Houston community leader and activist. “We will continue to work through Souls March in Houston, DC and in districts across the US to ensure awareness of this critical issue and action to prevent further loss.”

Background: Souls March is a US based coalition of North American organizations united against the targeted killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan. This platform brought together over 3000 people of conscience on December 7, 2012, in New York City for the 10,000 Souls March (endorsed by more than 130 organizations and academics) to protest the targeted killing of Shia Muslims in Pakistan. Souls March continues to be a movement of these people of conscience who are taking a stand to hold the Government of Pakistan responsible for ensuring the safety of Shia Muslims in Pakistan as well as to investigate, prosecute and ensure those responsible for the attacks are brought to justice in light of international laws such as the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Pakistan has a duty to protect ALL of its citizens—regardless of religious affiliation.

US Congress Men Letter to Nawaz Shariff on Shia Genocide in Pakistan

US Congress Men Letter to Nawaz Shariff on Shia Genocide in Pakistan. c

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