A Difficult Fasting Ramzan Schedule for the Swedish Muslims , where Sun Never Sets in Summer

Mid nigth Sun Over the Artic BeltJNN 15 July 2013 Stockholm : Swedish Muslims north of the Arctic circle have long waited for and feared this summer. When the sun never sets, they have pondered how to observe Ramadan, when devout Muslims fast from sun up to sun down for a month.

In a city where the sun never sets, Ramadan fasting is providing an enormous challenge to Muslims in Sweden’s northernmost city of Kiruna where devout Muslims fast from sun up to sun down for a month.

“Kiruna is as high up as you get in Sweden, the sun never sets during this month of July ,” Ali Melhem, 45, who has lived in Kiruna for 24 years told The Local.

“When I first moved here, Ramadan was in the spring.”

In attendance for the day when Ramadan would run smack bang into the near three-month stretch of never-ending sun, Shia Muslim Melhem has not remained idle in doing his research.

Sweden’s long summer days are presenting a challenge to Muslims fasting for Ramadan.

Starting on July 10, eleven days earlier than last year in accordance with the lunar cycle, Ramadan gets more into the lengthy summer days.

“My wife and I couldn’t make that choice, so we’ve consulted scholars from Iraq to Iran,” Melhem, who is a Shiite Muslim, said.

“They say we can wait to fast until the autumn, Or can follow the timing of a Nearest City or Town where the Sunsets and Rise in the Stretch of 24 Hrs. ” he said.

He added that some Sunni Muslims in Kiruna have chosen to break their fast when the sun sets over Makkah as a solution to their dilemma.

“I did check if I could follow the sun times in a nearby Swedish town like Luleå or Umeå, but even fasting for 23 hours a day is a bit difficult,” father-of-three Melhem said.

Posing a dilemma for Arctic Sunni Muslims, no consensus has been reached on the fasting hours during arctic summer.

“Several imams and organizations have different opinions,” Omar Mustafa, president of the Islamic League in Sweden, said.

“It is up to each individual to decide, but it is not meant that you should fast around the clock. Islam provides many options,” Mustafa added.

A similar problem faced Scandinavian Muslims in nearby Finland.

The Azhar Fatwa Committee in Egypt has issued a fatwa permitting Muslims in Scandinavia and Northern countries to fast according to Makkah time.

“The Egyptian scholars say that if the fasting days are long – more than 18 hours – then you can follow the Makkah time or Madinah time, or the nearest Muslim country time,” Imam Abdul Mannan, president of the Islan Society of Northern Finland, said.

“The other point of view from the Saudi scholars says whatever the day is – long or short – you have to follow the local time.”

Muslims make up some 200,000 of Sweden’s nine million people, according to semi-official estimates.

But according to the Islamic Center in Malmö, there are around 350,000 Muslims living in Sweden.

Ramadan is an annual observance by Muslims who are obliged to fast from dawn to sunset for a month often in summer. Many abstain from sexual relations as well as food, drink and smoking. Islam does allow some exceptions from participating in the annual fast such as pregnant women, diabetics and the elderly.



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