After Iraq , Iran and Lebanon , now Pakistani Muslims can also offer their Daily Prayers United , With out Discrimination of Sect

Masjid e Qartaba , IslamabadJNN 18 July 2013 ISLAMABAD: Darul Iman Jamia Masjid Qurtuba’s story is as dramatic as the sectarian history of Pakistan. The newly-built mosque in Islamabad’s Margalla foothills is calling upon its followers to stop discriminating along sectarian lines and to start praying together – in whichever way they like – under the same roof.

Zahid Iqbal is a local businessman who conceptualised the idea of a sect-free mosque in 2010. He bought the mosque plot in the E-11 sector. But the road to the realisation of his dream wasn’t easy: At first, authorities refused to register it as a sect-free mosque. Under Capital Development Authority rules, every mosque has to declare its sect following, before being granted permission to build the mosque.

The procedure involved some complicated maneuvering: To bypass the strict rules, he registered a trust, and then sub-registered the mosque under the trust’s banner: The Al-Kitaab Foundation Trust.

Meanwhile, Iqbal has already found an Imam for the mosque – Qari Jehangir, who is currently doing his Master’s degree from the Islamic University. The coordinator of the mosque is doing his MBA from Preston University. Both are young men in their twenties. The Imam and Khateeb are both from different sects – and the mosque administration says it will have no problem if a Shia Imam leads prayers.

There’s a simple philosophy behind Iqbal’s revolutionary idea. For the mosque’s administration, branding Islam along sectarian lines has damaged religion more than any other reason. “By branding ourselves on sectarian lines we have even put non-believers to shame through violence and unruly conduct,” the businessman said. He believes that mullahs have turned religion into business ventures for petty personal gains.

Calling his prayer hall a ‘model mosque’, Iqbal added, “This is God’s house. Even non-Muslims are allowed to come and seek the light.”

In addition, the mosque, located in the northern strip of the capital in the E-11/2 sector, not only invites all sects, but also has a separate section for women, and a library filled with religious books from all sects. With the support of other businessmen and overseas Pakistanis, the 2-kanal compound has been built at a cost of Rs30 million.

The mosque is also funding at least ten students’ completion of their Bachelor’s degree, which they could otherwise not have afforded.

So far, Iqbal is thrilled by the reaction he has received from people. “There has been individual criticism but overall a collective acceptance amongst the community is settling in,” he said, adding that people from different sects are already praying there together, although the number is not yet big enough to cover the 350-people prayer hall.

The Idea is Sectarian Harmony is Being widely Propogated in Iraq In Lebanon where the Friday Prayers are Being conducted on Non Sectarian Basis , in which Muslims from all the sects Participate and offer their Prayers in the Leadership of the Common Imam .

This Idea is being Launched as in Iraq and Lebanon , where the sectarianism has been Infested and there is a Lot of Blood shed due to sectarian terrorist By the west , who are Killing People in the name of the Sect, as the Takfiri Wahabi , who openly declares Shia’s as Infidels and advocates Killing them .

And Under the present Western and US Infested sectarianism in the Muslim Countries , It is the need of the Hour that such Positive steps should be encouraged by all sects Muslims to shun the sectarianism , which is the main cause of the down fall of the Muslims around the World and especially in the Muslim countries , where by infesting and propagation of Sectarianism By the US and the Western  Countries , have Plagued the growth of the Muslims World , and with the sectarianism in the Muslim World , the US want to Maintain its Hegemony.

And as told by the Scholars , and as the history tells us that the Next step to Shun the Sectarianism from the Muslim World , Inter Sectarian Marriages should be done , so relations and the ties are more strong among the different sects of Muslims , and all the Muslims can freely practice the Rules , as per the Interpretations of different schools of thoughts of Islam , with which they feel satisfied and they can be faithful to Allah .

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2 thoughts on “After Iraq , Iran and Lebanon , now Pakistani Muslims can also offer their Daily Prayers United , With out Discrimination of Sect

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  2. It is a great idea very nobly intentioned and I do not think it will not work as long as Sunnies and Shias come togather whose differences are much less as compared to Wahabi Salafis . For many years I have seen that the Imamia Hall Masjid near Cannoght Place of Delhi is often visited by some Sunnies who join the Friday Prayers congregation though they offer the salaat in their own prescribed manner and there is nothing wrong in it . In 2002 Hajj , wherever I went
    I offered congregatory salaat in our own way with hands on sides and found no problem or any objection on either sides . Whatever the problem there is , is not enough confidence among peoples of the two sects but I am not sure about Wahabi Salafis , but their signifacance will come to not if the Shias and Sunnies come togather which combined forms a great majority .
    Let the difference between the Khilafat and Imamat stay and it is not necessary that both the partiess hould come to a common beleif , howewver more information will bring this gap much narrower .Mutual marriages have been in practice from time immemoreal and wider acceptance in the era when the inter religion marriages are gaining popularity , the sectarian difference will lessen though can not be ruled out completely .
    Any way this is a nice developement and any one who tries to scuttle it be codemned , rather excommunicated and shall weaken those terrorist elements who have hijacked Islam and the main sources of violence among the muslim sects .

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