50 Martyred over 120 Injured in 3 Bomb Blasts in a single Day in Parachinar, Pakistan

Shuhuda of Parachanar 26.07.13JNN 26 July 2013 PARACHINAR: At least 50 people were Martyred and more than 120  injured in three bombings across Parachinar, headquarters of Kurram Agency, on Friday. Two explosions targeting Shia mosques in Pakistan’s tribal area on the Afghan border Martyred at least 50 people on Friday, a doctor and witnesses said.

The first explosion took place just metres away from a Shia mosque near a busy market in Parachinar, capital of the tribal Kurram area.

It was followed closely by a second blast, outside another mosque in the town.

The first blast occurred in the Main Parachinar Bazaar in Kurram Agency and was planted on a motorbike in the Shingak Bazaar and in Zeran area .The second blast occurred on the main School road, confirmed political adminsistration officials.

Sabir Hussain, a doctor at the Agency Headquarters Hospital, said 15 dead bodies and 45 people with serious wounds had been brought to his hospital. Three of the injured are said to be in critical condition.

Earlier on Friday, two people were killed when a roadside-planted bomb hit a passenger vehicle in Pakistan’s northwest tribal region of Kurram tribal region’s Sherko road on Friday afternoon Our correspondent reported.

Political administration officials told that a passenger van was travelling from Kurrams tribal region’s north-western Alizai area to Parachinar area when it was targeted by a planted road-side bomb.

Security forces reached the site of blast and cordoned off the area as a probe into the incident went underway.

Senior Medical Officer at the Agency Headquarters Hospital, Dr Zahid, said that one person had died on the spot while another succumbed to injuries at the hospital. He added that six others victims with multiple wounds were under treatment at the hospital in Parachinar.

List of the Martyrs of Parachanar’s Multiple Blasts

  1. Mudassar Hussain s/o Zafar Ali ( Ice Store @ Minar Chowk)
  2. Aman Ali s/o Liaqat Ali ( fm Krahila )
  3. Jamshed Ali Liaqat Ali ( fm Krahila )
  4. Bashir Hussain ( Sabir Brothers – Stationary @ Minar Chowk)( fm Luqman Khail )
  5. Ashiq Hussain ( Sabir Brothers – Stationary @ Minar Chowk) ( fm Luqman Khail )
  6. Mustafa Ali ( From Ali zai )
  7. Jamal Hussain ( From Bailia man )
  8. Mustafa Ali ( Soup Vendor @ Minar Chowk) ( Dundar Rd)
  9. Sadiq Ali ( B/o Sartaj Ali ) ( Peewar )
  10. Sartaj Ali ( B/o Sadiq Ali ) ( Peewar )
  11. Mustafa Ali Khushi s/o Mohd Ali Khushi ( Green Grocer )
  12. Jawad Ali ( B/o Shaheed Rajab Ali of Wazeer Bagh )
  13. Zulfiqar Ali ( From Daal )
  14. Rasool Khushi
  15. Sultan Ali ( Shangk)
  16. Khar Hussain ( Shalozaan )
  17. Noor Mohd. ( Shalozan )

Lower Kurram tribal region is also one of the sensitive FATA agency, which borders with three of Afghanistan’s provinces and at one point of time was one of the key route for militant movement across the border.

Taliban-linked insurgents are a main source of instability in nuclear-armed Pakistan, but sectarian violence by Wahabi militants, who see Shia as their enemies, has also been growing.

Parachinar has a significant Shia population that has previously been attacked by hardline Sunni militant groups.

The region was cleared of militants during a military operation a couple of years ago however militants still carry out sectarian attacks and also target security forces occasionally.

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