TTP’s attack on D.I.Khan Jail facilitated 230 Prisoner escape , including 30 Hardcore TTP Terrorist

Hundreds escape in Taliban jail attackJNN 30 July 2013 PESHAWAR: The Tehreek-e-Taliban insurgents armed with mortars and grenades launched a major attack on the Central Prison in Dera Ismail Khan, escaping with 230 prisoners including Hardcore Terrorists after a gunbattle with security forces, officials said Tuesday.

At least 12 people including four police were killed and seven others wounded in the brazen assault late Monday staged by militants disguised in police uniforms, they said.

“A total of 243 prisoners have escaped, six of them were later arrested by police,” senior government official Mushtaq Jadoon told private TV channel ARY News, adding that “30 among the escaped prisoners were hardcore militants”.

Among the escapees were also the Master Mind of the D.I.Khan Ashura Blast , and other Hard Core TTP Terrorist which were Involved in a Number of Incidents of Terrorism and Killing of Shia Community members.

The attack targeted the Central Prison in Dera Ismail Khan, a city in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province, close to the lawless tribal regions bordering Afghanistan where Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked insurgents are active.

A security official said the jail held up to 5,000 prisoners including some 300 militants involved in attacks on security forces and sectarian killings.

Jadoon said the fighters had planted dozens of explosive devices in the jail and 14 of them had so far been defused.

“Police and other law enforcing agencies are busy in clearing the jail,” he said, adding authorities have imposed a curfew in the D.I.Khan and the Adjacent City of Hangu and asked residents to stay at home.

“Through media, we appeal to the people to stay at home. It is to avoid any damage if army, police and paramilitary take any action,” he added.

Jadoon said around 50 to 60 militants managed to enter the jail as others fired rockets from outside.

“First they destroyed a police armored vehicle parked at the front gate,” he said, adding that two policemen were killed in the initial rocket attack.

In a reminder of the enormous security challenges facing Pakistan, the violence broke out just hours before the nation’s lawmakers  voted for the country’s new president.

The new head of state will replace outgoing President Asif Ali Zardari, who is ending a five-year term. His party lost May’s general elections and his successor is likely to be Mamnoon Hussain, a close ally of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif.

The Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan (TTP)  have claimed responsibility for the jail attack.

“Some 150 Taliban, including 60 suicide bombers, attacked the Central Prison and managed to free about 300 prisoners,” Taliban spokesman Shahidullah Shahid told AFP by telephone.

K-P prisons chief Khalid Abbas said the gunfight raged for three hours, with militants wearing police uniforms entering the facility after bombing its outer wall and throwing hand grenades at prison guards.

After the battle abated, security forces searched the prison which was plunged into darkness with an electricity outage, and counted inmates by flashlight to determine how many had escaped, he said.

Residents in Dera Ismail Khan reported hearing loud blasts and gunfire, and said the electricity supply to several parts of the city had also been suspended.

A local police official said he saw militants carrying rocket launchers and firing at the jail.

“Militants were firing rockets at the jail and I also heard gunfire from inside the building,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Spokesperson for the K-P government Shaukat Yousafzai confirmed the army had been called in to quell the militant attack.

Last year, nearly 400 prisoners were freed when the Taliban attacked a prison in Bannu.

Pakistan is battling a Taliban-led domestic insurgency that has killed thousands of civilians and security personnel since 2007.

It is High time that Now the Pakistan’s Security force should take some corrective measures , as up till now the Politicians and Certain High Ranking Security Official are still working for the Personal Gains , and they were part of the International Conspiracy , as when the Shia Community Members were being Martyred , they tried to Paint the Picture as of Sectarian Nature. While it was Open terrorism against the Shia Sect , As the Shia Community was not involved in any vis a vis Killing or terrorism , But these Terrorist Organisation, which were working in liason with their Foreign Saudi and US Masters , have been using the Shia Community as their Launch Pad for their Terrorist Activities, and now as they have gained ample of experience and force , under the Takfiri Banner , so now they are Launching direct attack against the State

But some Wahabi Inclined Religious Organisation and other Political parties , which are working in the Best Interest of the US and Saudi Monarchy , Still try to Paint the Terrorism and Killing of the Shia Community as of Sectarian nature , as it was never sectarian , it was terrorism against the Shia Community , and the Shia Community was chosen at the first Instant , as it was very deeply analysed by the western Powers that the Shia Community is the Sign of the Federation in Pakistan , and which can not be divided on ethnic or Regional grounds ,and till the Shia Community is Strong It will be Impossible for these Terrorist Organization to once again Break and Divide Pakistan into smaller Nations to weaken the strength of a Islamic Nation which is Working as the Back Bone of the Muslims across the Globe.

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