3 Shia Participant of the Quds Rally Martyred by the firing of the SSP terrorist in Rahim Yar Khan & Khair Pur , Pakistan

Shaheed Manzoor Husssain , Haiider Ali , Rahim Yar Khan , 02 Aug ,2013JNN 03 Aug 2013 : BAHAWALPUR:Atleast 3 Shia Men were Martyred in retaliation to the Quds Rally , which is a Sign of Defeat to the Zionist and their Agents .  The Shia Ulema Council’s Divisional President Sheikh Manzoor Hussain and his younger son Haider Ali were Martyred as a result of  firing in Rahim Yar Khan on Friday. While another Young Man was Martyred by firing of the SSP terrorist in Kharipur , when the Local Quds Rally was attacked by the Zionist Agents SSP Terrorist .

Hussain was leaving his house in Umar Block, Abbasia Town, Rahim Yar Khan with his son for participating in a rally led by Haidri Trust on ‘Youm-e-Quds’ when six riders on two motorcycles started firing on them just as they were about to enter their car.

Hussain and his son were seriously injured as a result and were brought to Sheikh Zayed Hospital, where both eventually succumbed to their injuries.

The bodies of Hussain and his son Ali was brought to Langar Hussaini Imambargah where a large number of people had gathered protesting against the incident and the attitude of the police.

Hussain and his son’s dead bodies have now been shifted to his house, sources revealed.

The funeral Prayer of the Martyr Sh. Manzoor Hussain and his Son Haider Ali  is scheduled to be performed at the Imambargah Langar e Hussaini at 10.00a.m on Saturday.

Members of the Shia Council led a protest rally against the killings, closing down the Emergency Ward of the hospital, along with several business centers in the city and some Angry Individuals also damaged some private property in retaliation. Stalls at the Ramazan Bazaar near Melaad Chowk were also burnt.

Shops, banks, petrol pumps and other business centers were closed due to the law and order situation in the city.

DPO Sohail Zafar Chatta arrived at the hospital with his police squad to restore peace in the area.

The police has also established the check posts throughout the city to increase security measures.

Chatta said that they had called the rangers to counter the situation in the city. He added that entry and exit points of the city had been totally closed due to the incident.

He said that no arrests had been made yet, but the police was investigating the matter closely so that murderers of the Shia leader and his son could be arrested.

In the Second Incident a Rally was also taken out from the Khairpur City ,in connection to the Youm Al Quds , as the Rally reached the Chatri Chowk , the agent of the Zionist , the SSP terrorist fired on the rally , due to which about 9 Participants of the Rally were injured, which were shifted tot the Hospital , But one of the Critically injured Young Man , succumbed to his Injuries and embraced Martyrdom.

While the Third Attack by the SSP terrorist on the Participant of the Quds Rally was done in Karachi, when the Bus carrying the Shia Men , coming to Participate in the rally was attacked on the Shahrah e faisal , near the Fine House , In which about 4 Men were Injured due to the firing.

All the 3 Murder were on purely Sectarian Grounds and was to Sabotage the Quds Rally , which is Planned through out Pakistan . And the enemies of Islam who feel endangered when they see the strength of the Muslims United for a cause , that is the Liberation of their Qibla e Awal , Bait ul Maqdas.

The Leader of the Shia Organisations and Political Parties have deeply condemned the firing of the SSP terrorist on the Participant of the Quds Rally , and have asked the Authorities to Initiate a thorough Inquiry of 3 Murders , In connection to the Quds Rally.


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