After a Long Delay in Justice , A Positive Sign Shown as Black Warrants of 2 LeJ Criminals issued

PAKISTAN-UNREST-ISI-ARRESTJNN 03 Aug 2013 KARACHI : An anti-terrorism court has issued black warrants for the execution of two activists of the banned Lashkar-i-Jhangvi in a doctor’s murder case, it emerged on Thursday.

Attaullah alias Qasim and Mohammad Azam alias Sharif were sentenced to death by an anti-terrorism court in July 2004 after finding them guilty of killing Dr Ali Raza Peerani on sectarian grounds in June 2001 in Soldier Bazaar.

The court directed the jail authorities at the central prison in Sukkar to hang Attaullah and Azam, one on Aug 20 and the other on Aug 21.

Earlier, the jail authorities informed the ATC-III that the last stay order issued by the president in the case had expired on June 30 and since then they had not received any further order to delay the execution and asked the court to issue fresh back warrants for the convicts.

The ATC-III issued black warrants for the condemned prisoners directing the authorities to carry out the hangings under the supervision of area magistrates after fulfilling legal formalities.

The court had issued black warrants for the two convicts several times in the past, but their hangings were repeatedly deferred after the presidency issued stay orders as during the term of the previous government of the Pakistan Peoples Party only one execution was carried out and it was that of an army solider, who had been sentenced to death by a military court for killing a colleague. The PPP government had placed a moratorium on executions in 2008.

After the capital punishment handed down by the trial court, the superior judiciary upheld the death sentence of both convicts while their mercy petitions were also turned down by the president.

The prosecution said that Dr Peerani came out of his clinic in Soldier Bazaar and was about to leave in his car when two motorcyclists opened fire on him, wounding him critically.

He was rushed to hospital where doctors pronounced him dead on arrival. Two dispensers at the clinic who had witnessed the scene identified the two LJ men in court as killers.

The police arrested them on June 29, 2002 within the jurisdiction of the Defence police station in three cases of unlicensed weapons and during initial interrogations, they disclosed their involvement in the present case, it added.

A case was registered under Section 302 (punishment for premeditated murder) and 34 (common intention) of the Pakistan Penal Code read with Section 7 of the Anti-terrorism Act at the Soldier Bazaar police station.

Both convicts with several other prisoners have recently been shifted from the central prison of Karachi to Sukkar and other prisons of the province apparently because of security concerns.

The same court had issued black warrants for the execution of two other condemned prisoners, Behram Khan and Shafqat Hussain, a few days ago and fixed Aug 21 and 22 for their execution.

The order for the Already Much Delayed Justice in shape of the Execution of the Capital Punishment for the convicted Criminals is seen as a Positive step towards the elimination of Terrorism and Corruption by the Political , and Social Activist  and Analyst  who are of the Opinion , that if now again the Justice is further Delayed , then this act of Delay in  Justice from the Presidential Palace will be seen as the Protection of Crime ,as if the Punishment is not given to the Criminals then the crime and Terrorism will florish in the Society , as the Criminals have already lost the sense of fear in shape of Punishment , as they are escorted free , even after committing the Most Henious Crimes , firstly due to the Lacuna in the Terrorism and Criminal Laws which have already been Out dated, and secondly the weak Prosecution , due to corruption and Political Influence , and above all if the Criminals are even convicted , then the Punishments are even Delayed , due to Stay Orders from the President . As there have been only a single execution of the Capital Punishment in the complete tenure of the PPP Led Government , which was even of a Army Personel , while above 500 criminals , whose Mercy applications have even been rejected by the President , are enjoying as due to a No. of reasons which includes Political , Personal and other reasons their Capital Punishments have been delayed due to the repeated Presidential stay orders. And Which is giving a sense of Protection and courage to the Terrorist , as they know that if even they are caught and convicted , they will not be Punished for their crimes , due to their Political , Personal and Influential Positions.

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