Repressive Implementation of Islam , Is a Plan to Make the Public Rebellious against Islam

Islam the Religion of Love & PeaceJNN 07 Aug 2013 Algiers : Hundreds of people join public lunch during Ramadan to protest at alleged persecution of those who choose not to fast.

About 300 people in a restive northern region of Algeria have joined a public lunch during Ramadan to protest against what they say is persecution of people who refuse to observe the religious fast.

The lunch on Saturday was highly unusual for North Africa, where people can be arrested for not fasting during the Muslim holy month.

It was held as a demonstration against the decision of security forces to question three young people who were eating outside last week in the Kabylie region during the 18-hour daily fasting period.

“We called this gathering to denounce the inquisition and persecution of citizens who, because of their beliefs, refuse to observe the fast,” said Bouaziz Ait Chebib, head of the local Kabylie Autonomy Movement.

The Berbers of the Kabylie are known for a more secular outlook in general than Algeria’s majority Arabs, and have had a historically tense relationship with Algeria’s government.

In previous years, Kabylie residents who refused to fast during the month of Ramadan faced charges of “acting against Islam”.

The lunch in Tizi-Ouzou, about 100 kilometres from Algiers, was not contested by locals who were fasting, nor authorities.

Islam is a Religion of Peace and Love and even The Holiest Book of Islam Quran also mentions that there is no force on any body to follow Islam , as even the Life of our Holy Prophet and His House Hold , Ahlul Baet have proven and their complete Lives were a real example of it, as they have never forced any body to follow Islam , But it was there Love , the Charisma of their teaching of Wise advises and  the Daily Practices what the People experienced in their company have made People to follow Islam and Adopt Islam as their Religion without any force , and on there own will and wish .

The force and Repression was Introduced in Islam , after the death of the Holy Prophet , by the People who want to have their Personal Benefits by keeping themselves under the cover of Islam , and In the name of Islam they gathered Big armies , and Looted and Conquered Vast Lands to reap the Economic Benefits for themselves and their Henchmen , which was totally in contradictions of Islam . But they made their Empires , which they call Islamic Empires, but it was nothing to do with Islam , but only for the Personal Benfits of the Group of People who wanted to Loot and Plunder in the Name of Islam , and it was , due to this that they conquered Vast Lands , but could not conquer the Hearts and Minds of People , and due to this the Moment they lost the Power , the People of those Conquered Lands also left Islam , vis a vis where the True Followers of Islam , Propogated and set their lives as example , in the traditions of True Islam , those Lands are still Under the Influence of Islam.

And now at Present the Saudi Sponsored Wahabi Islam is also a real example of the same Repressive Islam , where they Kill , Loot and Plunder the Innocent Men , Women and Children in the name of Islam and as a result the Whole world is taking a Negative effect of this Islam , which is not True Islam but the Ignorant People are not only talking against Islam , but under the Zionist Plan they want to curtail the Growth of Islam , as Islam is the fastest growing Religion of the World , as by Showing a Repressive and a Cruel Picture of the Islam , and as a reaction to this cruelty and repression the Ignorant Public of this World has been forced to think that Islam is not the religion of Peace and Love , but the other way round.



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