Shia Security Volunteer Shoots down a Suicide Bomber , other Volunteer Martyred at a Shia Sect Mosque in Islamabad , Pakistan

Suicide Bomber at Masjid Ali Ibn Abu Talib , Isb, bJNN 10 Aug 2013 ISLAMABAD: Even Despite ‘heavy deployment’ of security personnel on Eid Security forces failed to Burst the Terrorist Gangs, as a suicide bomber successfully entered a mosque used by the Shia Sect  in Islamabad but failed to explode , and due to his firing a Shia Security Guard embraced Martyrdom after which the Suicide Bomber was gunned down by the other Security Volunteer , JNN reported on Friday.

The Suicide Bomber with 4 of his accomplices tried to enter the Jamia Mosque Ali Ibn-e-Abi Talib situated on Kiyani road in Bharakahu while when people were offering Jumma prayer

But on Interception and being challenged by the Masjid’s Security Volunteers , he was later chased and even tried to detonate His suicide vest , but as it fortunately could not be detonated , and with the timely targeting and firing by the security Guard Present he was shot and Killed .

CCTV footage shows that the assailant was walking on a path that leads to the mosque from Attal Chowk. As he neared the mosque, he took out a pistol and started firing, forcing people to flee the area. The bomber then ran through the narrow streets leading up to the mosque while brandishing the weapon.

JNN  correspondent told that according to eye witnesses when the bomber took out the pistol he started firing, which sent people scrambling for cover.

He added that at least three security Volunteers had tried to intercept the bomber. The attacker though shot the security guard in the abdomen. A second Volunteer who tried to intercept him was also injured by the firing of the Suicide Bomber.

A third Security Volunteer in the mosque had taken up his position and when the bomber entered the mosque, he shot him. However, the bomber also managed to fatally wound the security Volunteer.

Initial reports suggest the bomber got into a scuffle with the Volunteer, shooting him when he was denied entrance to the main hall of the mosque.

During the firing between the suicide bomber and security Volunteers, one security guard was killed while four other persons were injured who were shifted to Poly Clinic Hospital Islamabad.

Police arrived at the venue atleast after Half an Hour when the complete incident has come to an end ,after which the security forces cordoned off the area and seized the bomber’s body.

The Bomb Disposal Squad defused the jacket. DIG Security added that they had found at least 500 grams of explosives and ball bearings in the suicide jacket.

SSP Islamabad Dr Rizwan has also suspended six officials including the SHO of Barakahu Abid Hussain and a probe has started into the matter. Munawar added that no police officer was present at the time of the attack.

A search operation has also been launched to find two suspected accomplices of the bomber.

Local residents gathered in front of the mosque and led a protest against the police for their failure to prevent the bomber from entering the mosque, and for failing to respond to emergency calls in a timely manner.

“The police were called in time but they were unable to take prompt action,” reported JNN correspondent.

The Scholars and the Ulema of the Shia community, which are responsible for the arrangements of the Imambargahs & the mosque, have asked the Government that they should be Provided licences for weapons so that they may make their own arrangements for security.

The mosque is located in the residential area of Barakahu, a short distance from the capital’s secure Red Zone.

The Suicide Bomber was later identifies as Zaka ullah ,28 and was the with the Terrorist Organisation of Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan.

Sources said that Zaka Ullah was resident of Chak no. 239 of tehsil bhawana in Chiniot district of Punjab.

With seven sons in a local seminary, they said the terrorist had a religious family background.

Our Correspondent added that initially there was some discord between the police, the local administration and the mosque’s administration on whether the bomber’s body should be moved. However, the body was later shifted to PIMS hospital.

Later the Funeral Prayer of the Martyred Security Volunteer Mohammad was led by the Allama Raja Nasir Abbas ( MWM)

This was the second major attack on the same day. At least 10 people were killed and many others injured earlier on Friday morning when gunmen attacked worshipers during Eidul Fitr prayers at a mosque in Quetta, the capital of restive Balochistan province.

The attacks came a day after a suicide bomber targeted a police funeral and killed at least 30 people, mostly High Ranking police officers, in the same city. The Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility for Thursday’s bombing.

The Leaders of Shia Political Party Majlis e Wahdat e Muslimeen ( MWM) Allama Raja Nasir Abbas , and Amin Shaheedi also visited the venue and heavily condemned the role of the Security Agencies and the Performance of the Present Federal Government ,as they also mentioned that the Police Station of the area was hardly 150 meters away from the Masjid Ali , but still the Police reached the venue , atleast One and a Half hours later , to defuse the Bomb , and to collect the Body of the Suicide Bomber , and there was no security arrangements Planned or carried on , and it was LEA’s negligence ,which even the Terrorist Organisations Noticed and choose this Masjid as their easy target , but with God’s Help , a Bigger tragedy was averted by the active Gaurds present at the venue.

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