PML – N Government at the Cross Roads ,Either to Keep Good Relations with TTP or execute the Terrorist , & save the Nation

JTTP Terrorist Asmatullah MawiyaNN 14 Aug 2013 TANK : The Terrorist Organisation of  Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) has warned the Present Government of Pakistan Led By Nawaz Shariff of PML – N against going ahead with the execution of its members who are Hard Core terrorist and are on death row and threatened to wage war against the government if ignored its warning.

A spokesman for TTP (Punjab), Mulla Asmatullah Muavia, said in a statement on Monday that the PML-N government “will have to pay a price” for the execution of TTP prisoners.

The statement was issued to media outlets in the region on Monday.

In the Present Judicial and Legal system of Pakistan , which is totally encircled by terrorism , By the Saudi and US Sponsored Terrorism through ,the same TTP ,which is responsible for the Suicide Bombing , IED Blasts and Target Killings , and even after all these Crimes and terrorism , the Hard Core Terrorist who usually are escorted free , due to the loopholes in the Judiciary and the Judicial system , and due to Lack of evidence as even if these terrorist are even nabbed by the LEA’s , there Groups members threaten and even Kill the people who come forward to stand as the witness against them ,and is such a fragile Judicial System and after a Rock Hill task when these criminal who are awarded Death Penalty and are on the Death Row, the same TTP is trying to Dictate the Present Government there Terms , who is already in good terms with these terrorist organizations  , but as they even cannot continue to rule with heightened Terrorism , as the Public of Pakistan has now started being rebellious ,and if they do not take least possible action against the Terrorist who are even convicted by the Courts , even after all the bias ,

Then the Only Hope is that now it is the duty of the Armed Forces of Pakistan that they should defend the country not only the borders , but the Internal Terrorism which has been under attack by the enemies of Pakistan and who now openly challenges the writ of the state ,as with two Jail Breaks with in couple of Months of PML – N led government and about 60 events of Blasts and Terrorism incidents, Pakistan – the Only Islamic Nuclear Country of the World , has been taken as the failed state of the World. With a Army capable to Break the Once Super Power of the World , Russian Federation , and now the Bunch of Terrorist is openly challenging them , and No concrete action or cap on their activities can be Plugged , so the Nation can Once again feel proud to have the Best Defenders in the World.

Mulla Asmatullah further added said that  TTP had waged war against those political parties which had become “puppets in the hands of the military”.

“Some elements in secret agencies are trying to involve the PML-N in this war. But my organisation will exercise restraint,” the spokesman said.

The statement of the TTP’s is quite in favour of PML – N , who is already not only perceived , but has at many times is being Proved that it is in friendly and Professional terms , with the terrorist Organisation , and now the TTP statement is also proving it as they are only warning and showing restraint in taking action against their friends Of PML – N Government .

Mulla Asmatullah said the government had issued death warrant for TTP prisoners in Punjab.

The previous government had withheld execution of prisoners who had been convicted by courts in heinous crimes.

Officials said around 8,000 prisoners, including some militants, in jails across the country were facing death penalty.

Human rights groups, especially Amnesty International, oppose death penalty in Pakistan. As they are working against the convictions in Principle of Islam , and these so called Human Rights Organizations which in total contradiction against Islamic Principles , are always trying to defend the friends of the US and Western Nations ,as they are being created and sponsored by these Nation to show a different Image in the Name of Human Rights and defend Criminals , who are working in the favor of these Western Nations.

Mulla Asmatullah also threatened the PML-N leadership by saying that they should keep in mind the fate of the Awami National Party (ANP) which, according to him, had been used by the army against the Taliban.

The spokesman recalled the death of Taliban leader Waliur Rehman in a drone strike, contending that the motive behind his killing was to sabotage Taliban’s peace talks with PML-N and other political forces.

He alleged that the government had decided to execute TTP prisoners , calling upon the federal interior minister to exercise restraint.

He said the PML-N and Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf should stay away from conspiracies being hatched by “pro-establishment and pro-Indian lobbies”.

As now the Pakistani Establishment which is even answerable at home to the families of about more than 5000 Martyrs of the Pakistan Army men who in the line of Duty sacrificed their lives ,as they were even being brutally Killed and executed by the same TTP Terrorist , and now it is the time that the Pakistani Armed Forces and the Political Forces loyal to the existence of Pakistan should come on a Single Page and Prove once again their Loyalty to the Nation by doing Justice to the Nation by executing these Hard Core Criminals and Foreign Sponsored Terrorists , So a Lesson should be given to the terrorists openly joining the Ranks of these Terrorist Organisation .And atleast a little check can be put on the free Lancing Terrorist , seeking fortune in these Terrorist Organisations.


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