29 People killed ,around 500 injured in 2 Blast in Tripoli , A Zionist Plan to fan sectarianism in Lebanon

Breaking: Powerful blasts hit Tripoli, 10 killedJNN 24 Aug 2013 Tripoli : Twenty Nine people have been killed and 500 more have been injured after two blasts hit Lebanese northern city of Tripoli, Health Minister Ali Hassan Khalil has announced.

Two subsequent explosions near two mosques used by the Sunni Sect Muslims rocked Tripoli on Friday.

Latest death toll was announced by the health ministry which said 28 people lost their lives in the blasts which targeted crowds who were leaving the Mosques after offering the Friday prayers .

The first bomb went off near the al-Taqwa Mosque at 1.30 p.m.in Abu Ali square where Salafist/ Wahabi Sheikh Salem al-Rafei had delivered a sermon. Worshippers were exiting the mosque after noon prayers as the bomb went off.

Rafei, according to Sheikh Nabil Raheem, was unharmed. As he might not be the target , while the target was the Innocent Public , to fan sectarianism

Minutes later a second blast rocked Maarad Street, outside the Salam Mosque in the Mina area of central Tripoli,. The sermon delivered at that mosque was by Salafist / Wahabi preacher Bilal Baroudi.

Again the target was not the Prayer Leader , but the Innocent Public , as it was Planned .

The imams of the two targeted mosques were reported to be unharmed and moved to a safe location .

“It was as if there was an earthquake, the whole city seemed to be shaking,” Nada Fallah, whose home is located near the Salam Mosque, was quoted by The Daily Star.

At least seven people were killed from the Taqwa Mosque blast, according to the sources, while three were killed in the latter explosion.

“There are at least 29 dead and 500 wounded, many of whom are in serious condition with burns and with head wounds,” said Georges Kettaneh, the director of the Lebanese Red Cross, on Friday.

The blasts went off near mosques in the predominantly Sunni city on Friday, when mosques were packed with worshippers for the Friday noon prayer.

Thick plumes of black smoke blanketed Tripoli’s sky, as emergency response units rushed to the scene of the explosions.

Shattered glass and wreckage strewn the streets that were filled with the wounded.

Dozens of cars and nearby buildings in the immediate vicinity of the mosques were set on fire as panicked residents pulled the wounded from the rubble.

Initial damage reports indicated that parts of the ceiling at the Taqwa Mosque had collapsed.

Hezbollah resistance movement has condemned deadly Friday attack in northern city of Tripoli saying that the attack was part of a criminal plot to ignite sedition in Lebanon.

Through a statement obtained by JNN, Hezbollah said there was a plot to pull Lebanon towards anarchy and destruction in line with plans of the Zionist enemy, and the recent blast was a part of it.

Hezbollah called for wisdom among Lebanese groups and political leaders and invited everyone to not to let rumors and slanders destroy the country.

Iran has blamed Takfiri extremists who serve Israel interests for twin car bombings that killed 47 people and wounded 500 in the northern Lebanese city of Tripoli.

On Saturday, Iran’s Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Araqchi “strongly condemned the terrorist attacks” which occurred outside two mosques during weekly Muslim prayers on Friday.

He denounced “Takfiri groups who seek to sow division to undermine Lebanese national unity and the peaceful coexistence of different communities” in the country.

The spokesman said such people were playing into the hands of “the Zionists,” in reference to Israel.

Earlier Blast in a Shia Neighborhood on Thursday 15th Aug , which was claimed by the “ Aisha Brigade” a wahabi organization , and now two consecutive Blast on Sunni Sect Mosques, again by the similar Zionist Sponsored Terrorist Group,  is a conspiracy to fan sectarianism in the Peaceful and Harmonious atmosphere , where inter Marriages between Shia and Sunni Sect Population , has integrated so much that there is not a single thought of any type of Sectarianism , and above all the Peace is so much intact that even the Christian living in Lebanon , are enjoying their Religious and Social festivities , and there is no body thinks of Sectarianism and Religious Bias, as this is the Basic Principle of a Muslim Society , which is been looked after by the Hezbollah , as there should be no sectarianism and Inter faith Harmony should be restored .

And as the West and Zionist Lobby , is afraid of this Multicolored Social Fabric , So Now they are once again trying to tear the Social and Religious Harmony Fabric in Lebanon , by fanning sectarianism and Hatred among Peacefully living Lebanese Society , and push it back to the era of Civil War , as it was in 70’s and 80’s , before Hezbollah’s formation . As the Zionist lobby is very much afraid of the Hezbollah’s Military Power , and above all its Policies of advocating Peace and Harmony in the region and live and let live Policy.

Blast in Masjid Salam , Tripoli


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