9 Shia Men Martyred , atleast 15 injured in a attack on Shia Neighborhood by SSP Terrorist in Kotla Jaam , Pakistan

Kotla Jaam area Shia Neighborhood attack the Terrorist of SSPJNN 24 Aug 2013 Bhakkar : Atleast 9 Shia Men were Martyred by the UnProvoked attack and firing of the SSP Rally on the Shia Neighbor Hood of Kotla Jam area of Punjab Province of Pakistan , and about 15 men were injured by the Unprovoked firing of the SSP terrorists.

A Rally which was Organised and Planned By Sipah e Sahaba Pakistan ( SSP ) ( Alias Ahle Sunnat Wal Jammat ) was taken out to attack the Shia residents of the Kotla Jaam area , so as they reached the area , who have come with all the Preperations to attack with automatic weapons , first tried to Provoke the Shia Men , by chanting Takfiri Slogans and then they started firing direct on the Shia Men present , due to which about more than a dozen Shia Men were injured , and some were critically wounded due to the gun shots, who were transferred to the Hospital , but out of which 5 of them could not scummb to their fatal injuries and embraced Martydom, while other were being treated at the Hospital , as these terrorist of SSP have intentionally come in the form of Mob to create tension and chaos in the Darya Khan and Kotla Jaam area.

SSP which is a Takfiri Group also made Provocative remarks on the Loud speaker from the Mosques under their control in Darya Khan which further worsened the situation. As they Instigated the People to attack the Shia Neighborhoods

The Terrorist of SSP targeted the Shia Men and fired directly on them , with out any Provocation , as they have come with a Plan to Kill and create terror in the area , these terrorist of SSP , even fired at a Medical Store of the area , which was run by Shia Men , and due to which the two Shia Men present at the time of the firing of these embraced Martyrdom on the spot , who were later identified as Syed Safdar Shah & Syed Imran Shirazi .

As the Situation was uncontrollable by the LEA’s , and as they could not provide any security to the residents of the area , and were mere spectators , So in self defense The residents took defensive positions and targeted the terrorist firing freely on the neighborhood, and due to their response two terrorist were killed and couple of them were injured .

Due to the terrorism and firing around whole of the City of Darya Khan , a sense of fear have Prevailed in the city and whole of the city is tense , and due to Indiscriminate firing of the SSP ‘terrorist brought Darya Khan, Kotla Jam and other adjacent areas to a standstill.

The firing killed three people on the spot, while two more died as they were being shifted to the hospital. Another died while under treatment at the hospital.

As firing continued well into the evening, bullets claimed the lives of five more.

Provincial government has not taken any notice of the incident despite several hours. However, the District Police Officer said that additional contingent of police have been called in from Sargodha district to bring the situation under control.

Our Correspondent reported that Although police have taken charge of the area, Rangers personnel are still inside the District Police Office, awaiting orders to act.

The Name of the Shia Men which embraced Martydom in the attack are as follows :

  1. Imran Shirazi
  2. Safdar Shah
  3. Ali Raza
  4. Mohd. Khan
  5. Kamran Mohana

The families of the Martyrs and the Shia resident of the area later gathered at Hussaini Chowk to protest against the attack on their houses and Shops by the terrorist of SSP , and the Biased attitude of the LEA and City Administration , who remained silent and were mere spectators of the Criminal Activities of the SSP terrorists.

As per reports from our Correspondent the Shia residents of the Kotla Jaam area has totally  rejected the Main Stream media reports that it was a clash between two religious groups. As they Condemned the Biased Main Stream Electronic Media and supported the Shia Media of giving a true Picture of the Events , as they claimed that the Shia Nation have already rejected the Biased Main Stream Electronic Media and they showed their total confidence on the Shia Media , which is in its Infancy , but still it is showing a Brave and Courageous true Picture  , and  specially  the events effecting the Shia Nation , They said it was an armed and unprovoked  attack on peaceful shia Neighborhood . And The Shia Residents have their Legal right of Self defense , and especially in the absence of the Security , which is the responsibility of the State , in which the State failed to provide Security to the Residents of the area and now even in arresting the terrorist who have taken lives of Peaceful Citizens of Pakistan.

According to reports , local administration and police have failed to overcome the situation and No action have been taken against the terrorist , as they have always been sheltered by the PML – N Government , whether they are in the  Provincial Government or the Federal Government.

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen, a Shia political party, called an emergency press conference and announced a three-day period of mourning at the tragedy.

MQM’s Altaf Hussain have also condemned the SSP terrorist attack and Unprovoked firing on the Shia Neighborhood , and have demanded an Inquiry of the Incident from the Punjab’s Chief Minister.

Shia Religious and Political parties have also Deeply condemned the Incident have demanded action against the Perpetrators , who have Killed Innocent Shia Men .

Allama Abbas Kumaili in his statement have also condemned and demanded an Urgent Inquiry and the Arrest of the Terrorist Involved in the whole of the Incident and an Action against the Master Minds of this attack . Which are trying to create disharmony and creating sectarianism in the country. He also demanded a Judicial Inquiry and action against the Personnel of the LEA’s who could not Prevent the Loss of life by taking timely action against the terrorist Mob .

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