Biased LEA’s High Headedness around 150 Relative and friends of 8 Shia Martyrs arrested from Bhakkar , MWM organizing Protest Sit Ins Across Pakistan

Pakistani Police high headednessJNN 27 Aug 2013 BHAKKAR: The Biased Punjab police on Sunday night launched a search operation in the troubled areas of Bhakkar city and arrested a large number of Shia Men from their Houses and who were taken to unknown Places and whose where abouts were not disclosed.

District Police Officer (DPO) Bhukkur Sarfaraz Ahmed Falki , who on the order and under the Heavy Influence of Rana Sana ullah who is a sponsor of the terrorist Organisation and who himself admits his contacts with the Banned terrorist Organisation , have constituted 12 teams that raided various parts of the Kotla Jam and adjoining areas as curfew continued to paralyze  life in Bhakkar.

Those rounded up have been shifted to an unidentified location and their names have not been disclosed. The media has also not been informed about the identities of the arrested persons.

The Police Biased attitude and Raids even continued on Monday , as the Soyem was observed of the martyrs at the Central Mosque of Bhakkar who were killed by the attackers of SSP , who came in a Mob for the Purpose of Killing and terrorizing the Shia Neighborhood , The Police even raided the Soyem Congregation of the Martyrs from where Majlis-e-Wehdatul Muslimeen (MWM) Punjab Spokesman Maulana Asghar Askari and 150 others Shiite elders and participants of the Soyem were arrested by the biased Punjab Police and Rangers on Monday.

Due to the attack of the SSP terrorist on the Shia Neighborhood of Kotla Jaam violence had broken out in the city and claimed 12 lives on Friday.

The police have registered cases against 109 nominated and about 80 unidentified persons under sections 302, 324, 435, 148, 149, 7-9 ATA at Police Station Saddar Bhakkar

The police also raided the main seminary of the ASWJ – Jamia-e-Khulfa-e-Rashdin – and arrested 10 people who were taken into custody from the seminary present at the time of the raid.

Following the police action against the Shia Men , Shia women marched to Hussaini Chowk in Kotla Jam and blocked traffic to protest the arrests. Meanwhile Quran Khawani for the deceased, who lost their lives a day earlier, was held in Darya Khan in which a large number of people participated.

Authorities on Sunday gave some relaxation in the curfew during which the situation seemed to revert to normalcy. The police and rangers patrolled the city roads.

Milk, fruit and vegetable shops and other small vendors opened their shops during the curfew break; however, the main markets remained closed.

As no fresh supplies had reached the markets, the stock finished quickly, causing a shortage of goods in the city. There was a great demand for prepaid balance at cell phone shops.

The District Coordination Officer (DCO) Mumtaz Hussain Zahid said Section 144 was still in force and advised the people not to believe in rumours.

In view of the law and order situation, the Dera-Bhakkar Bridge also remained closed, causing inconvenience to passengers.

The Police have shown their high headedness , in arresting the People whom they left at the Mercy of terrorist of SSP , who were firing and Killing Shia Men , while if some men in their self defence , fired back to avert a bigger tragedy , as there was no body to stop the terrorist from ransacking and Killing Innocent Men . So Now the same Biased Police is arresting the defensive Shia Men , as the No. of Shai Men Killed even shows who was the Oppresor , and who was defending , as about 9 Shia Men were Martyred , while only 2 of the attacking terrorist were Killed in self defense .

The Punjab police led by Patron of the Terrorist Organisation SSP District Police Officer Sarfaraz Falki stormed the central procession of Soyem of martyrs of Bhakkar incident and detained more than 150 participants including Maulana Asghar Askari, Majlis-e-Wehdatul Muslimeen, Office Bearers of Shia Ulema Council, and local organizations office bearers from the program to fulfill the agenda of Punjab Government to be in the good books of the Taliban and their allies , as they have even have Proved several times , and recently by accepting the Punjabi Talibans demand of not executing their Colleagues , including Dr. Osman who was the Mastermind of the GHQ attack , a traitor of Pakistan .

The Police of Bhakkar district on Sunday lodged the FIR against the 89 Shia activists including district office bearers of Majlis-e-Wahdatul Muslimeen Bhakkar on the directives of Punjab Minister Rana Sanaullah.

The FIR against Shia Muslims of Bhakkar were lodged on the application of the banned terrorists organization leader Molvi Akasha nominated office bearers of leading Shiite organization MWM and all active people of Shiite community of Bhakkar district.

The biased Punjab government also forced the police to crack down against Shiite Muslims  punishing them for defending them from the attackers of Punjabi Taliban allies on late Friday night at KotlaJam and Daryakhan Shia Neighborhoods.

As per the Latest News from our sources the MWM , and other Shia Organisation have started Organizing Protest Sit Ins in different Cities of Pakistan Including Lahore , Karachi and other Big Cities of Pakistan to protest and Press the Government to release the Innocent Shia Men and quash the FIR’s lodged against them , who are being arrested by the Biased Punjab Police , to make the Punjab Government allies SSP and Taliban Happy .


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