Defenceless on the Defence Day , Punjabi Taliban Martyrs 7 Shia Men , 5 of a Family in the Distt Gujrat , Punjab , Pakistan

Shaheed Fazilat Shah and others Funeral Prayer , Jasooki , Gujrat , 7 Sept 2013 bJNN 8 Sept 2013 Lahore : Punjabi Taliban Terrorist an Off Shoot Branch of Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan Martyred 7 Shia  including 5 of a family in a village of Gujrat district of Punjab province on Friday night.

The deadly attack took place in Jasoki area of Gujrat. Gunmen on motorcycles opened indiscriminate fire on a group of Shia Men, killing seven. Another two people were injured in the attack. The dead and injured were shifted to the Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital.

Police officer Amir Shaheen said that the incident took place in Jasooki village when three gunmen on a motorbike sprayed five people with bullets at the residence of a local religious scholar Phal Shah after Friday prayer.

As per the details the terrorist targeted Fazilat Shah alias Phool Shah , A Socially and Religiously Active Personality , and his family members and guests. Due to targeted firing, Mr. Shah, his two sons, two grandsons and two guests embraced martyrdom. The gory incident occurred in Jasooki Village. The assailants fled the scene after the firing.

The dead and injured were taken to the Aziz Bhatti Shaheed Hospital for medico legal formalities and treatment.

Some of the deceased were identified as Phal Shah, his brother Ijaz Shah, Ghulam Abbas Shah, Atzaz Shah, Ali Abbas and Ghasanfar Hussain.

The adjacent areas were deeply tensed due to the Act of terrorism against the target Killing of  Peaceful Citizens . Their Funeral Prayers was held on Saturday, which was attended by thousands of Shia population from the adjoining areas .

Shia Notables  Individuals and Political Parties have deeply condemned the Target Killing of A Socially and Religiously Active Personality and his family members with other guests , and deeply criticized the Punjab and the Federal Government

The Majlis Wahdat-e-Muslimeen (MWM) leadership criticized on Saturday the PML-N`s Punjab government for its failure in capturing those killing Shias in the province and threatened to launch protests.

`The PML-N government has failed to stop killings of our people. We cannot tolerate it anymore as the situation is worsening rapidly,` Shia leader Allama Syed Imtiaz Kazmi said at a press conference here.

He said in a short span of time various Shia notables, including Prof Shabiul Hasan, Shakir Rizvi advocate, Mubashir Rizvi (trader) and Syed Arshad Ali Shah advocate, had been killed.

Similarly, he said Syed Fazeelat Ali Shah alias Phool Shah was shot dead along with his sons and grandsons in Gujrat on Friday.

Flanked by Allama Azhar Hussain, Baqir Hussain and other leaders, Mr Kazmi said the police tried to divert the attention of the people from the Gujrat tragedy by declaring it the result of an enmity.

He alleged that leaders of a banned militant outfit openly threatened the Shia community in their Friday`s rally in Lahore.

He said those who attacked Pakistan army and police officials were involved in the Gujrat incident. `We are wondered why the Nawaz Sharif government is playing the role of a silent spectator in the killing of the Shia community at the hands of Punjabi Taliban militants whose influence is growing rapidly in the province,` he said.

No concrete action is taken against the Known Sanctuaries of the Terrorist in the Province of Punjab , which have now come to such a Power that they are even Known as “ PUNJABI TALIBAN ”, and all the security and Intelligence agencies have even endorsed their heavy Presence in the Province of Punjab still No concrete steps are taken for their elimination , while on the other hand agreements and Reconciliations are being done with the Banned Organisation , some times on the Pretext of Election Coalitions , and rest of the time on the Pretext of Dialogue with the Terrorists , who even does not recognize the Constitution of Pakistan , and Openly declare war against the Integrity of Pakistan , but still the soft corner in the hearts of the Punjab and the Now even the Federal Government have always provided a shelter to these terrorist Organisations.

As now the Intellectuals have even pointed out that as the sponsors and the Power Brokers of the Region , the Saudi and the US Government are also the sponsors of the Tehrik e Taliban Pakistan and the Present Government of Pakistan are the same , so there can never be a decisive action against the traitors of Pakistan , who have not only challenged the Constitution of Pakistan , but also are working endlessly against the Integrity of Pakistan.

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