Irani Consulate in Herat , Afghanistan attacked , an Attacker Killed

1 killed in attack on Iran Consulate in AfghanistanJNN 8th Sept 2013 Kabul : At least one person was killed as clashes broke out on Saturday between the police and protesters who had attacked the Iranian consulate in the western Afghan city of Herat, Press TV reported.

According to the Herat Police Chief Abd al-Raouf Ahmadi, some 500 people gathered in front of the Iranian Consulate on Saturday, protesting about their visa problems.

The source said a number of people attacked the site using bricks, wooden sticks and other tools, causing serious damages to the building.

Ahmadi, quoted by Fars News Agency, said the protesters attacked the Consulate building and tried to burn it down.

Four police officers were wounded in the clashes which left one of the attackers dead as well, he added.

The reports are still mixed about number of casualties, with some locals saying two people were killed, one of them from the Police.

Police spokesman Abdul Raouf Ahmadi said certain people, who had applied for Iranian visa, held a demonstration outside the consulate in protest at what they called a slow procedure of visa issuance. But the Peaceful Protest was instigated by certain agents of the element which tries to harm the friendly relations between the Brotherly Muslim Countries.

It seems that the truth lies in somewhere else, the source said, adding there are certain agents trying to sour the friendly relations between Iran and Afghanistan, which enjoy cultural and historical affinities

Pictures received from the Consulate after the attack showed the building was damaged and there were blood stains on the ground and walls.

According to Herat police, the situation is now under control and the demonstrators have been dispersed.

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