New Mosques Built in the Remotest areas of Europe , UK , and Far East ,to facilitate the Muslims of the Area

Imam Reza Mosque in New Zealand

Imam Reza Mosque in New Zealand

JNN 9th Sept 2013 Brussels : With the ever rising Population of Muslims around the World , the Need  of Mosques has also risen in the Remotest areas of the World , where Islam is a New Religion for the Masses of the Land . But as the Muslim Population has grown to a such Number that Mosques are needed so New Mosques are being Built , to facilitate the Muslims living in those areas , whether it may be Europe , United Kingdom or the African Continent.

Following are the List of Some New Mosques being Added in the Areas , where No other Mosques was available for the Muslims to offer their Prayers.

Imam Raza (A.S) mosque inaugurated in New Zealand

Advisor of Ahl-e-Bait (A.S) world assembly for international affairs has said that Imam Raza (A.S) mosque has been inaugurated with reference to Ashra-e-Karamat in Oakland city of New Zeeland. 

Concurrent with Keramat Ten-day Festival, Imam Reza (AS) Mosque will be opened in New Zealand, international deputy of Ahl-ul-Bayt (AS) World Assembly announced. 

Hujjat ul Islam Mohammad Salar the advisor of Ahl-e-Bait (A.S) world assembly for international affairs has said in the 9th session of the international council of Imam Raza (A.S) international festival that this mosque has been made on the area of 1771 square meters.

He further added that a library and Imam Raza (A.S) Islamic center has also been made in this mosque, which has cost US$1.5 million.

Hujjat ul Islam Salar, while declaring Imam Raza (A.S) mosque as the source of pride for the Shiite of this region, said that Fridon Salehi is the founder of this mosque and he has built this mosque with the cooperation of Ahl-e-Bait (A.s) world assembly and office of Islamic revolution leader.The construction project of the mosque was sponsored by Fereydun Salehi.

He further added that Ahl-e-Bait (A.S) world assembly has also started the construction of two mosque under the name of Imam Raza (A.S) in Cameron and Uganda and after some time this mosque will be inaugurated in the Duala city of Cameron.

Hujjat ul Islam Salar said that translation of the book named Shahifa Rizvia is being published in three languages with reference to Ashra-e-Karamat.

Ordered by the secretariat of the festival, the book was translated to English in Cameron, to Turkish in Istanbul, to Urdu in Pakistan and to The Russian language in Moscow.

The three translations of the book in English, Turkish and Urdu have been published in 1500 copies and are ready to be distributed. The Russian copy will be published after the 11th edition of the festival.

Inauguration of First mosque in Dundee, Scotland

Inauguration of the first mosque has been organized in the University of Dundee, Scotland. 

Encouraging interfaith dialogue, a new mosque has been opened in Dundee University in eastern Scotland to accommodate Muslim prayers and promote better understanding of Islamic culture in the wider community.

“I am delighted that the mosque has been completed,” Mirza Al-Sayegh, a member of Al-Maktoum Foundation’s board of trustees and chairman of the college board, told The BBC on September 2.

“I’m sure it will prove to be a welcome addition not only to the college campus but also Dundee as well at a time of exciting change in the city.”

He said that I am very pleased that this mosque has been inaugurated to familiarize the people of Scotland with Islam.

The new £1.35m Al-Maktoum Mosque has recently opened on the campus of Dundee’s Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education.

The mosque, the first in the city with a minaret, included prayer rooms which would be open to all faiths.

It was financed by the Al-Maktoum Foundation, which was established in Scotland in 2005.

“The mosque is open to all and for the benefit of all,” Al-Sayegh said.

“We regard this development as a heartfelt contribution to the city, the community at large and to multiculturalism.”

The mosque was intended to promote cross-cultural understanding of Islam and Muslims in the wider community.

“The college continues to focus purely on scientific, intellectual and non faith-based activities to promote the cross-cultural understanding of Islam and Muslims in conjunction with members of other religions and none in such a crucial time,” Dr Hossein Godazgar, acting principal of the college, said.

The college was already working to cross religious barriers and establish a dialogue with the Catholic Church.

“We are, of course, pleased to represent multiculturalism in geographic terms, too. Our main building is already attached to a Catholic Church and we are now seeing a mosque being added to this physical geography,” Godazgar said.

“I hope our neighborhood will include even more buildings belonging to different faith communities in future.”

The new mosque followed recent reports warning from increasing Islamophobia.

An annual statistic about hate crimes showed a rise in assaults against Muslims in Scotland.

The statistic from the Offensive Behavior Act showed a 15 % reduction in offences involving religious hatred in 2012.

Scotland is home to more than 500,000 Muslims, making up less than one percent of the population.

Muslims are the second largest religious group in the country, which has thirty mosques.

 Denmark’s 1st Minaret Installed

A happy and big day for Muslims in Denmark,” says the spokesperson for the organization behind the upcoming 6,800sqm mosque in Copenhagen. 

Copenhagen’s skyline received a new addition this morning when a 20-metre minaret was put in place at the upcoming mosque in Copenhagen’s Nordvest district.

It is the first minaret in Denmark, but its purpose will be primarily symbolic as Danish law forbids using minarets to broadcast a call to prayer.

The minaret belongs to the 6,800 sqm Sunni mosque on Rovsingsgade, which is being viewed as the first ‘real’ mosque in Denmark and which will be the largest in Scandinavia upon its completion.

Mohamed al Mainouni, the media spokesperson for Dansk Islamisk Råd, the 25,000-member organisation responsible for building the mosque, said that seeing the minaret put into place was a significant moment.

“This is a happy and big day for Muslims here in Denmark,”al Mainouni told public broadcaster DR. “This is quite simply a dream that is being realised, so this is huge.”

Al Mainouni predicted that the mosque would have its official opening within a few months.

New Mosque Inaugurated in French City

The Al-Sunnah Mosque has been inaugurated in the French city of Dunkirk near the border with Belgium. 

Construction of the mosque had begun 13 years ago but its completion was delayed due to attempts by anti-Islamic elements, lavoixdunord website reported.

The mosque was opened on Saturday, September 7, in a ceremony attended by the city’s mayor, Muslim citizens and officials from the Moroccan embassy in France.

A representative of the French Muslim Society in a speech said holding prayers in the new mosque would be step to advance peaceful coexistence in the city.

Alal Al-Nukari, member of the board of directors of Al-Sunnah Mosque and Cultural Center also addressed the ceremony, saying that Muslims need more places for worship in France.

Some 1.5 million Euro was spent to build the Al-Sunnah Mosque and Cultural. All the money was donated by the city’s Muslims.

France has the largest Muslim minority in Western Europe. Some 6 million Muslims are estimated to live in the country.

Construction of a mosque in Philippine

Law ministry of Philippine has built a mosque on the name of their expert. 

A department of the law ministry of Philippine has built a mosque on the name of “Mansur Al-Khadafy”.

It is noteworthy that this mosque has been built with the cooperation of justice and experts department of the law ministry of Philippine and its name has been placed on the name of “Engineer Mansur Al-Khadafy” which is an expert of this department.

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